Thursday, March 1, 2018

7 yrs & 5 mo!

On the boys mirthday I happily announced "boys you're finally seven and a half!" They've been asking if they were 7.5 already since the day they turned 7. A few seconds later I realized I mis-calculated and had to burst their bubble, ha!
CET are 7 years and 5 month old!
They looked so dapper in these hats that I didn't buy : )
Beauty rest
Caleb's hair cracks me up in this pic!
The secret lives of 7 year old triplets!
The boys started their second year of basketball.
They have really improved since last year.
Eli scored 7 shots in one of their games! He was SO proud.
 More points than any one player on either team!
Pizza after the game with their fans : )
Yellow Submarine!!!
Octopus' are kind of my obsession lately : )
A day at the Oregon coast with these Goonies!
This video is too funny! I posted it to Instagram and it got a lot of laughs. Poor Eli is trying to bust
some moves and Caleb comes in and steals his thunder, twice!