Thursday, November 20, 2014

Perturbed, Frigid, and Elated!

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks!

Perturbed, frigid, and elated!
Thomas getting a special treat when he went with dad to run errands. Thomas always wears his fireman jacket when he goes with dad since he knows he won't object to it. I won't ever let him wear it when we go out in public, ha! (mostly bc they always wear it at home and it gets kind of dirty after a while)
The boys have learned several site words (oso=bear in english), and Thomas loves to see if he can write them too! I'm impressed at how well their penmanship has gotten just in the last few months.
Lock up your daughters when these three are around!
Eli and papi at an assembly last weekend : )
Here are a few cute videos of the boys, mostly for the grandma's and aunties : )

Eating noodles is hard work!

This one is from summer and the boys are arguing about how to assemble their new bikes. 

Eli is vicious!

Monday, November 17, 2014

National Preemie Awareness Day!

It is very sad that so many babies are born way too soon. Many lives lost and others with long worry-filled hospital stays before they are able to come home. We could have lost our boys at any given time during our high risk pregnancy. When I think back I was a bit naive and shutter to think that it could have easily happened to us as it has for so many. We are just so very grateful that we came out of this on the other side with three boys as healthy as any parent could wish for!

Papi with TEC 1 week old : )

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sauvie Island Beach

Last Saturday we took the boys to Sauvie Island beach (about 20min from our house) and the boys had so much fun that I kept asking myself why we don't come here more often since it's so close! We come often to the island since it's full of u-pick farms in the summer and pumpkin patches in the fall but for some reason we just never make it out to the beach. We will try harder once winter is over : )

I couldn't get a straight face on anyone that day!
The boys never play with this car at home but on the beach it was a hot commodity!
Get ready for some big waves!
CET, I don't know why I thought they wouldn't get wet! At temps in the low 60s (maybe high 50s, can't remember) they didn't want their sweaters and were more than ready to wade in the frigid waters of the Columbia river!
Caleb and Eli 
Another boat went by, waves coming in!
It was a beautiful day albeit a bit chilly.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ready For Winter

Bring it on winter!
We are ready but it's been so warm that we've had no use for our cute winter clothes yet! Can't believe I'm complaining that it isn't cold enough, haha!
Aunt Janet visited last week and we had lots of fun with her! She treated us to a real life train ride that goes from the train museum to just past oaks park. If you are a local or visiting with young train enthusiasts you should definately do it bc its about 40min and only $5/person.
In true Caleb style (full relaxation).
We rode in the top part of a red caboose! Even the adults thought it was cool : )
Two weeks ago on a day hike
Thomas has finally started writing his name with the letters in the right order! And since this picture his A's have significantly improved. Now I just need to work with Caleb, he writes his letters out of order and backwards (right to left and mirror images). It will take some work to correct this!
Caleb got a hold of my phone and I had about 50 pictures like this!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our Newest Addition

We've added a new addition to our home and it's not the warm cuddly type so don't get your hopes up, ha!

We milked the little potties for as long as possible and about 6 months ago I just about had it with cleaning out poop from them. The boys have never been afraid of using the big potty (aka the regular toilet) but it's inconvenient because they are short and it takes extra effort to pull up the step stool and put on the adjuster so they don't fall in. So to encourage them to poop in the big potty I told them if they went in it I would give them a cookie in exchange. Yes! It worked like magic until they started pooping several times a day in an effort to get more cookies! In addition to that, so many times I had to kick them off the pot because I or one of their brothers had to go and they had been on there for several minutes and still hadn't gone (they have no concept of what urgency means!). So because of this we were still using the little potties for peeing. After a couple of months of going through a pack of Oreo's a week we decided that we really really need another bathroom in our house! While construction was in progress I wised up and bought smaller cookies and told them that as soon as the new bathroom was up and running it was bye bye little potties and no more cookies after pooping.

So the last weekend in August Phil got to work and did all the skilled labor himself except the plumbing. He worked on it in his spare time all the way until mid October. Then I came in and did the unskilled work (painting, and decorating).

Let me tell you it is soooooo nice having an extra bathroom. I grew up in a family of 5 with only 1 bathroom my whole life so I knew very well the hardships to come once we had completely outgrown the little potties. I just couldn't live like that again!

We had this "office nook" that had a desk which we never used and just had piles and piles of crap on top of it. A complete waste space!
Plaster was torn out, gypsum board replaced it, a wall was built, insulation was placed, holes were made, piping went in and so much more! It's amazing how much material and time such a small space can take! We still have a few details to address (like the threshold) but it's pretty much finished : )
I re-purposed an old drawer to use instead of a vanity (I got the idea from Pinterest)
The drawer was like $3 and the mirror was $20 I think, so it saved us a bit of money!
I love LOVE my octagonal tile and wainscoting, it looks so good in old houses!
Phil had a great idea of building a wall niche, I didn't plan on putting these pics of the boys up but I quite literally had them laying around so they'll stay here until I can find and print out some more bathroom appropriate photography, ha! 
Another re-purposed drawer with a picture that I did mean to put in this bathroom.
So we were planning on remodeling our other bathroom to match this one but after ALL that work and a wedding in New York coming up soon (woohoo!), I think we'll put it off until next summer : )
These boys only go in big potties now! Yay, less work for mami and papi!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

4yrs 1mo (4 year check up!)

I tried to get the boys to smile naturally, I explained to them "like right before you get tickled or after you hear something funny," and this is what I got...

CET 4 years and 1 month old!
This was the best of like 2 dozen I took
Don't look surprised look happy!
What are you doing with your mouth Caleb?
Lets be more natural please!
Lets keep the jaws aligned!
Triplets 4.0!

I prepared the boys for their 4 year check up by telling them they may get a shot at the appointment (I couldn't remember if they were due for any but figured I'd cover my basis). The last shots they got were at their 2 year check up when they were still essentially babies and as you can imagine they cried like babies too. Wasn't sure how they'd react at 4 so I tried preparing them without scaring them too much so I told them that they only hurt a tiny bit kind of like getting pinched. I was so nervous for them that when the doc said they were due for two shots I quickly decided to put one off for next year (I figured the chicken pox/measles booster could wait another year since they aren't too dangerous, the disease that is). So we got our nasal flu shot/spray and then their whooping cough/polio vaccine. And what do you know, nobody cried and they all told me that it didn't hurt at all (but I don't believe Eli completely because he flinched pretty hard). Gosh babies are such sissies (haha jk)! Had I known they'd be so brave I'd have agreed to the second one! Oh well hind sight is 20/20 right?

As always (and I'm so grateful for this) the boys continue to be the picture of good health! They are 4 years old and have to get even so much as an ear infection (or any infection for that matter). When they were 2 years old they were prescribed topical antibiotics for a misdiagnosed "infection" which ended up being an ammonia burn from their nighttime diapers which I quickly figured out how to prevent. They hardly ever get fevers when they get sick too. They get a little wheezy when it's a particularly bad cold but each year we use the Albuterol inhaler less and less (I don't think Caleb ever needed it at all this last year). 

Their growth curves are all normal but they are all very petite and that's perfectly fine : ) I love my tiny boys and couldn't imagine not being able to lift them so freely at 4 because I still have to a lot! As it is they feel really heavy to me and I keep thinking to myself any day now! So here are their official stats:

Caleb        31 lbs 5 oz, 37.5 in (3rd%) and BMI 54%

Eli            29 lbs 1 oz, 37 in (2nd%) and BMI 24%  

Thomas    31 lbs 5 oz, 37.5 in (3rd%) and BMI 54%

Funny, we go back and forth with Thomas and Caleb or Thomas and Eli being the same...why does Thomas fluctuate so much?! But I guess its not that much of a difference since Eli is only a smidge smaller but still, it makes me wonder? Another weird thing is that Thomas seems to eat the least out of all three and yet he's the same weight as Caleb and weighs more than Eli, what gives?

Sorry everyone but I am about two weeks behind on pics so I'll try to catch up with my blogging soon!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Last Thursday was the boys preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch and since it's always so much fun Phil took the morning off so we could go as a family. It was a beautiful day that started off chilly but quickly warmed up to just over 70 degrees and it was super sunny so most of our pictures are filled with grimaces rather than smiles : (
Thomas getting papi kisses
Classic Thomas face where he looks like he's in pain but is really just deep in thought
Since Caleb's head is round like a pumpkin I bet you can't find him in this picture!
(In case you are wondering, yes it's always this beautiful in Portland : )
Little Eli!
Family pic atop of the haystack pyramid!
With the pumpkins they picked out. At home we took out the seeds and seasoned and toasted them. The boys did most of the work and they came out super yummy!
Caleb rolling the giant pumpkin
Phil took this picture and posted it to instagram with the caption "getting corny at their pumpkin patch field trip"