Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Cove Palisades State Park

We had plans to go camping right after the kids got out of school in mid June. As we inched closer the weather kept looking worse and worse. You think we'd learned our lesson from last year when we got rained out although that was mid May! I guess you just can't count on dry weather around here till at least July. Lesson re-learned! A couple days before he had to go camping we scrambled to find a different place so as not to disappoint four little boys. We took a chance on The Cove Palisades State Park in eastern Oregon about 3 hrs from Portland and safe from any rain. I'm so glad we got rained out of our usual camp spot which isn't terribly exciting because this place was amazing! It's our new favorite camp spot and we can't wait to go back. There are so many great things but to mention a few...amazing view points, good fishing, hiking paths, safe for kids swimming area, organized kids activities by the forest rangers, a play ground, very nice showers & bathrooms, and great paved paths for the kids to ride their bikes.

The Fishermen
Our Friends K and Oz came too : )
They caught so many bass and blue gill fish!
My handsome Thomas
Great swimming area.
The depth by the floaty thing in the background was only about 4 feet deep.
The water was pretty chilly but that didn't stop anyone but me, ha!
The lake is at the bottom of a big canyon, it's all so breathtaking.
On our hike, that's me!
A waterfall in the desert, go figure!
Phil and I with Mt. Jefferson peeking in the background. From this vista point you could see almost every mountain in Oregon and Washington, Mt Adams, the 3 Sisters, Mt Bachelor, Mt Jefferson, and Mt. Hood! That's 7 if I'm not forgetting one : )
My 3 lovely's!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wisdom From Caleb

We like to tell Caleb that he has 'long beautiful hair.'
As he napped on the couch Papi could not resist running his fingers through those long locks : )
Caleb is quite the character. His brain is full of interesting notions and funny one liners. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff but it keeps Phil and I laughing! Wish I could remember them all but here's a few that I've written down : )

Words of Wisdom by Caleb

-"I like triplets better than twins because they are more."

-"I like little puppies because they don't chase kitties."

-"There is a store that everything costs 5 dollars. And there is a store that everything costs 2 dollars. People like it better than the 5 dollar store because 2 dollars is not too cheap and not too spensive."

-Points to cemetery and says "that's where the dead mans are." A few seconds later, " dead mans have broken hearts."

-When asked if he would like a little sister. "No because sisters are just girl-brothers."

-"Someone thought I was in high school. For reals, they did."

-"I can carry Kirk, really I can." Kirk just happens to be a 6 foot tall 13 year old.

-"My earwax is black because it's Chinese earwax."

-"I only watch cute kitty and dancy dance videos."

-See's a graphic somewhere,"It's a skeleton guy looking so cool."

Without his knowledge I recorded Caleb deep in conversation with me. He's cute to watch and listen to. I think he has the most subtle of lisps which makes his babble even cuter. Here he shares some wisdom about bees, black widow's and blue widows : )

The other two boys have had their moments and have said pretty cute things too:

Eli: On the reason why school was cancelled during the snow storm. "There is no school because how would you go pee with all your snow clothes on!"

Thomas: During my first week of work Thomas must have overheard me telling Phil that I was so busy that I hadn't gotten to eat my lunch two days in a row (not too big of a deal since I only work part time). The next morning Thomas tells me, "Don't forget to eat your lunch mami!" How sweet that he'd think to remind me! Well what's even sweeter is that he even remembered to ask me if I had eaten my lunch after I picked them up from school. I told him I did because of his reminders : )

Eli: We went out to eat at a restaurant and Eli ordered a corn dog and fries. We were half way through our meal when Eli turns to me and says, "Mami I want you to tell this for me because I will be too scared to do it. Tell the lady that brought us our food that Eli really liked the corn dog and it was sooo good!" So when the waitress came back I told her, "my son Eli wanted me to tell you that he really really liked the corn dog, so compliments to the chef." The waitress laughed and said she'd pass it on to the chef. What a silly boy but very thoughtful : )

Thursday, June 29, 2017

6 YRS 9 MO!

Lots of happenings to catch up on!...I'll save the other half for later, haha!
CET are 6 years and 9 months old
(or 6 and three quarters as they like to tell people)
Papa Ed and Mama Sue came to visit in early June, here we went strawberry picking and our combined 14 hands picked 25 lbs of berries in less than an hour! Our freezer is exploding with the sweetest strawberries you ever did taste : )
Winery cats are the best!...That is until they are not.
This cat flipped out the second I finished taking the picture, haha! 
The boys had their last day of kindergarten!
See how much they've changed in the next pic. 
First day of kindergarten. They looked like such babies!
I loved the boys' teacher! She is from Cuba. I was hoping the boys would come out of K speaking Spanish with a Cuban accent, but no dice, ha! She previously taught at an English school in Suriname. Then she came to Portland to get her master's degree and then became the boys' teacher....AND she's a single mom! What an amazing person : )

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Can We Get Some Love?!

Caleb says give the Pitts Trips page a thumbs up!

I just started a Facebook page and it's awfully lonely. Show us some love by giving us a like or a follow!

click here: Pitts Trips Facebook Page

I should have don't this years ago! I'm kind of late to the boat on this one because I'm a bit of a reluctant Facebook user. I LOVE LOVE it for selling and buying used kids clothes, for all the triplet groups and other random funny stuff. But I never share personal stuff (I think because I already have two social media outlets: my blog and Instagram). With FB being so popular it's probably a great way for others to follow my blog and not have to just go on memory to check on it. So never miss a post and get notified right to your FB news feed when there is a new post by showing us some love : )

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We appreciate the love, thanks!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Snack Snack Snack!

A strawberry the size of a small peach!
"I'm hungry can I have a snack?" "Mami, snack time?" "I want a snack." "Snack mami, I want a snack." "I'm hungry." "I'm hungry. " I'm hungry."

Just writing the above annoys the crap out of me!!! I hear it ALL DAY LONG (or at least I used to). When the boys were babies I was told or I read somewhere that toddlers need to eat more frequently because they have little stomachs that can't hold much at any one time. Ok, so I stock piled what I figured were healthy-ish snacks like granola bars, graham crackers, gold fish crackers, fruit/fig bars, fruit leather and of course we always had fruit on hand. Somehow, fruit was never enough. Immediately after successfully steering them towards fruit I'd hear the dreaded "but I'm still hungry can I have another snack." They would wear me down to the point of two or three snacks inbetween meals. I mean how can I tell a child that is hungry "sorry you have to wait till dinner" and who knows when that will be because I'm trying to get all sorts of crap done while I'm cooking. And you can guess what happens to their dinner...that's right it goes almost fully uneaten because they've been snacking so much! Ugh, the struggle is real!

Well things started to go down hill even more a few months ago. I started finding wrappers behind beds, in trash cans (which I had previously emptied so where did it come from?). And sometimes I'd find a boy in the corner stuffing his mouth with a snack! Thieves! This just set me off, OH NO, something needs to change, this is ridiculous! I'm spending a small fortune buying this stuff! Then I thought, I didn't have all this growing up. All we had was cereal, peanut butter, jelly, bread, and fruit. That's all, and I didn't starve!

That's when I decided to stop buying snacks cold turkey. And let me tell you, it was the best decision I've made in a long time. All those annoying quotes I listed up top, GONE! I don't hear them hardly at all now. They know it's not in the house so no point asking for it (insert mad scientist laugh). And guess what happened to their dinners? They are actually getting eaten, and many times they ask for seconds! Now don't get me wrong little kids do need snacks and need to eat more frequently but I'm guessing somewhere between toddler-hood and 6 years they stop needing this as much. I was just a little late to pick up on this, ha! What a relief, I'm spending less on groceries and the kids are eating more real food. I don't know what it is about kids but they could seriously just eat granola bars and graham crackers all day long if you'd let them. I'd be sick to my stomach eating so much of that stuff!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

6 Yrs 8 Mo!

Boy have we been busy and I almost forgot to take their mirthday pics! I'll have to set a reminder in my calendar from now on. Can't believe there is only 2 more weeks of school left and then all the fun summer activities begin, can't wait!
CET are 6 years and 8 months old!
green boy, blue boy and red boy
We had our convention really early this year ( a couple weeks ago).
It was great and he boys did really well too : )
It was super hot last week so we went adventuring to a splash pad downtown and then enjoyed ice cream afterward. 
Here is a little video of our hike to the Ape Caves. It was really fun and a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. I was sure glad we went with a big group and had lots of helpers for the boys (and less than athletic adults, ha!).

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sports All Day Long!

Eli and Thomas have become such sports fanatics! Eli is really good at basketball and Thomas is really good at soccer. And Caleb, he's good at jumping, haha! Love my Caleb, he just goes along for the ride : )

Thomas really has a knack for soccer, the boy has some crazy good moves!
Eli loves soccer too but basketball is more his wavelength. 
Caleb loves jumping : )
When you match the furniture, hahaha!
We got passes to the Adidas employee store and I thought I'd go in just for kicks to see what they had (yes, pun intended). As any mother of triplets will tell you it's almost impossible to go anywhere and find 3 of the same thing! Or 3 equal but different items for that matter. I almost exclusively buy my kids clothes online because shopping at stores is soooooo frustrating! Two of everything and NEVER three. Anyways, the boys needed new shoes bc their go to easy on shoes have holes in the soles (yes, all from playing basketball on concrete, I know bc Calebs' shoes are the best looking of the three, ha!). If you can believe it they had 3 pairs of size 11 shoes of just not any shoes but the Damian Lillard model!!! Damian Lillard is the star player for the Portland Trailblazers, someone the boys admire quite a bit. Eli has worn them everyday since we got them. I hope these last better than their last shoes, yikes!
Eli and Thomas spend a lot of time just staring at their basketball book (that contains pictures and stats of all the NBA leagues). They can name most of the teams, including the LA Clankers, hahaha! I let them go a long time before I corrected them, it was too cute and funny hearing about the "Clankers!"
This is how you spell Star Wars when you have a Boston accent, haha!