Thursday, August 30, 2018

Funny at 7Yr 11Mo!

CET are 7 years and 11 months old! 
(picture taken on the first day of 2nd grade)
Over the past few months I've been writing down the funny things the boys say. These silly phrases remind me how little they still are!

"They were selling free home cookies."
"Day time is the same as night time except its dark."
"They made a squirrel store with a much of acorns and them chugged it up." Then Eli corrects him "You mean them chugged it down."
"Are bigfoots a little creepy papi?"

"I wish Neyney (our cat) was a real girl. Then I would hug her every day. She would be so soft like bigfoot."
"I don't know why cavemans are so strong."
"I feel like its 8 in the afternoon."
Talking about Star Wars: "Then they figured-out-ed (one word) it."
"Who is the dice president?"
When talking about being cold in the morning: "I get frostbites." 
"I was brooming." He meant sweeping.

After showing me his book he wrote about snakes, "I can be a basketball player and an author."
"There's like 3 beaches on every island."
"The big boat crash." This phrase is used as a noun and not a description. A term they coined when they were little and still use it all the time even though they know that it's actually called the Titanic!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

7Yr 10Mo! & More Stitches

CET are 7 years and 10 months old!
Our CA adventure started in Oceanside CA where we rented a
house that was walking distance to the beach!
A full day at the beach proved to be relaxing and fun! They were getting an unlikely current from Mexico which made the water unusually warm. It was wonderful not to come out of the water shivering as we normally would, ha!
On another day we tackled Legoland!
We also discovered the boys love of roller coasters, uh oh! If you know me you also know that I despise those contraptions. They certainly didn't inherit this from me, ha!
Made a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico!
The kidos in Mexico : )
We met up with my cousin who has a business in TJ and he took us to a local seafood restaurant. Our group of 10 ate like kings with drinks and all. The bill came out to a measily $66!!! If you wanted to eat like that in the states you'd have to add another zero to the end of that amount. I'll be dreaming of those shrimp tacos and octopus cocktail for years!
We only spent one day in Davis on the way home but of course
we had to see mama Sue and papa Ed : )
One last treat before we went home was stopping at Wildlife Safari in Oregon.
Lots of interesting creatures, and many that I'd never seen before or knew that existed. It's really neat, feels like you are driving through Jurassic Park only it's animals that still exist, ha! If anyone is traveling along I-5 through Oregon I totally recommend this place. Affordable family fun is what I'm talking about (she says after footing the bill for Legoland, at least it wasn't Disneyland prices haha!).
I'll explain Caleb's chin down below, ha!
Oh Caleb not again! Remember last summer around this exact same time he cut the back of his head being a wild monkey at mom's that resulted in 3 staples.
This boy is going to be the death of me!
On our way home, we stopped just South of Roseburg (about 3.5 hrs from Portland) so that we could camp for the night. We were surprising the boys the next day with the Wildlife Sarafi park. We were 5 minutes into unloading the car when Caleb goes down this steep hill with his scooter. Well he claims he forgot how to brake because he got going too fast and lost control. He got the wind knocked out of him and he must have hit a sharp rock because there was a huge gaping hole in his chin! Which oddly enough took a long time before it started bleeding, super creepy! I instantly knew we had to leave for the closest urgent care. We packed up the car and drove 30 minutes to the Roseburg urgent care. The boy got 8 stitches! Caleb was as cool as a cucumber the whole time and that really impressed the doc. Five days later (lower left pic) he went in to get his stitches out. And two weeks later (lower right pic) is how it looks like now. It's amazing how fast it has healed. I'm doing all I can to avoid a noticeable scar. We kept it completely covered with Neosporin for the first 10 days, keeping it moist while it heals is very important. The docs both advised to always have sunscreen on if he's outside and to rub vitamin E on it once it has completely healed. It looks as if Caleb has taken over Thomas' clumsy title, only Thomas has never hurt himself this bad, not to mention twice! : (

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Walking Pneumonia (7yr 9mo!)

CET are only 3 months away from turning 8, yikes!
How is it possible that I started this blog over 8 years ago and I'm still going!?!
The Walking Dead Pneumonia

On the Saturday before the last day of school the boys all came down with low grade fevers and were complaining that they didn't feel good. Over the next couple of days I treated them with tylenol or the like. They didn't seem too bad so come Monday morning, off to school they went. They were a little lack luster and slightly coughing but would always perk right up after getting some medicine. I thought is was just a cold (which is kind of ridiculous since it was mid June!). On Tuesday while at work I got an email from the teacher stating that 3 kids in their class had been diagnosed with walking pneumonia and if your kids were exhibiting it's symptoms to please not send them to school! I quickly googled this scary sounding sickness and all the symptoms matched up perfectly with the boys, uh oh! On the bright side if there is a pneumonia to get its walking pneumonia you want, it's the least of the evils and you can still function more or less (this is why they call it "walking" pneumonia). Long story short more than half the class got it and the boys hacked and coughed for over 3 weeks. Phil and I thought we were in the clear when after two weeks into the boys sickness and we still had not come down with anything. Well we spoke too soon because we both got to experience walking pneumonia. Let me let you, it's no regular cold! Now I understood what Eli meant when he'd tell me his chest would sting and why the boys even after two weeks still only wanted to lie around and not go out and play. My poor babies certainly felt worse than they looked : (

Everyone would randomly fall asleep during the sickening.
On the last day of school not looking too great since they were about 1 week into WP. 
I felt compelled to document this experience because it encapsulates just how quickly kids grow up. One day they're playing with toys and the next day they're not. Eli had been wanting some dumbbells which I had not taken seriously. He'd recently come into some money from doing chores and a generous $20 from tio C. We were going to search for curtains at Ross and since I know the kids love to ogle the toys there I told them to bring their money in case they saw something they wanted. Eli goes straight to the dumbbells with his brothers in tow and picks out what he wants. His brothers look on enviously because they don't really have much money to buy anything. 
As we wait in line I ask him "you didn't even want to look at the toys?" And his reply was "no, this is the only thing I want." Such a big kid purchase!
Mama Elda came!
After a week in Portland we drove them to Cali to stay at grandma's house for the next two weeks. 
Granny cam captured the boys anticipating the next Mexico game in the Worldcup!
As promised, here are before and after pics of our living room
(this is the listing picture so this is not our stuff, ha!)
The kitchen before with laminate floor that look like wood, ugh!
Ironically, the kitchen had fake wood and the rest of the house had real wood that was all covered up, haha!
The oak floors refinished and now look brand new, they are absolutely gorgeous. Until now I never appreciated how beautiful oak is, look at all that beautiful grain variation!
Our new kitchen tile floor!
The living room after!
All the natural light is wonderful but makes it very tricky to photograph. 
The other end of our living room and you can also see the new floors in our kitchen. I'll refrain on posting any pics of our kitchen. We've done so much (floors, school house light fixtures and painting) but it still needs a lot of work. New counters, tile back splash, cabinet refinishing, and gas stove will hopefully start happening within a years time.
They always look so sweet when they're asleep : )

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Big Move (7 Yr 8 Mo)

CET are 7 years and 8 months old!
First mirthday pic at our new house : )
By pure coincidence they all wore yellow the other day, had to snap a pic, ha!
The boys performed a Mexican folkloric dance at school last week.
It was so cute!
Right about a month ago we were loading up the U-haul to move to our new house. As you can imagine it was sooo much work! We had a 15 foot truck and we filled it up 4 times! I cannot believe how much junk you can accumulate in 11 years (and we had been purging so much the entire year leading up to this). We had a couple of guy friends help us move which we are very grateful for because I don't think Phil and I could have done it by ourselves. We had an interesting first three weeks in the house. Since we couldn't see what was under the carpets and vinyl flooring we couldn't schedule the wood floor re-finishers. As soon as we took possession of the house we tore into floors to uncover the beautiful original oak floors that had been preserved so well under layers of gross carpet and laminate. They would be a piece of cake for the floor guys but they were about 3 weeks out. We moved all our crap into the attic, basement and garage. You can imagine the chaos of not having a dinning room table or comfy couch to relax on after work and not to mention being trapped in one room with your noisy kids. In the mean time we painted and painted and then painted some more (and still not finished). One weekend we had a gracious friend who came from California to help Phil lay down a new tile floor in the kitchen/dinning room (it looks amazing). When the wood floors were done we had to stay out of the house for two days because of the toxic fumes. With only a days notice we booked a creepy and depressing motel to stay at, ugh! It was a long time coming but FINALLY we could really move into our new house! Its been so fun decorating although our new house is so different from our old house. We are finding out that a lot of our stuff just doesn't work for us now. My head is all over the place trying to figure out what we need and what we should get rid of. So many details and I just need to take it one thing at a time. We have soooo many projects ahead of us, the next one after we get settled in and finally finish painting is working on the boys big basement room. Currently the boys are in a room only slightly bigger than their last one but the plan this summer is to add an egress window in the basement so we can build out a big room for the kids to spread out in. Other projects in the queque include remodeling the kitchen, the backyard (its a mess), basement family room, and adding a third bathroom for the basement. We will be sweating it out for the next few years, yikes! Hoping to post before and after pics soon!

Here is a video of the boys performance, C&E are on opposite sides and T shows up later in the second round (there were not enough girls for all the boys...this reiterates that 2010/11 were the years for boys to be born, I remember the boys preschool class only had 1 girl and 11 boys, ha!).

Sunday, April 29, 2018

How To Avoid A Panic Attack (7yr 7mo!)

CET are 91 months old and still can't smile naturally for the cameras, ha!
How to avoid a panic attack?
Step 1. Do not sell and buy a house simultaneously.
The end.

You would think being pregnant and then raising baby triplets would be one of the most stressful things I've ever dealt with. That is not the case. I knew it would be stressful and very difficult to pull off, seeing as how insane the real estate market in Portland is but I just didn't know how bad it would actually be.

A little less than a year ago we got the notion to sell our place and get a much needed bigger home. We contemplated moving to a near by city were home prices are much cheaper and where they also have a Spanish Immersion elementary school for the kids. The commute to work would still be around 30 min via light rail or bike. However after talking to the school we found out that it would be too difficult to get all three boys transferred (triplet problems yet again). We lamented on how much easier our lives would be if we just didn't care about our children, hahaha! We are very adamant about keeping them in the highly sought after language immersion program at least until middle school. So we'd have to shell out the bigger bucks to stay in our neighborhood. The homes in our hood are flying off the shelves with multiple offers each. We figured selling would be easy but buying would not. That was an understatement for both!

Our strategy was to buy first and then sell. The home selection was meager at best so when one less than perfect house popped up we made an offer $20k over asking. It was a great house but the kitchen would need to be remodeled ASAP. Well we were not the only ones that liked it because there was a total of 9 offers made. Let me spell it out, N.I.N.E.! Two were cash offers, needless to say, after many stomach churning hours we found out that we did not get this one. Literally a day after we were rejected on this house another one popped up in an even better location and an even better layout. There was a mistake on the listing that showed the house as being much smaller than it actually was (I almost dismissed the house because of this). We went to see the house the same day it came out and made an offer the next day, $20K over asking. But the seller wasn't dumb to just run with our "great offer" (the house was very under priced). They wanted to wait another two days to review more than one offer. We thought, "oh good at least it won't go over the weekend and pick up steam." Well Friday came and there were already 4 other offers on the table. We decided to go big or go home. We offered $51K over asking price. After several stomach churning hours our offer was accepted! And we beat out a cash offer! Take that stupid cash offers, ruining it for everybody else!

Then it sank in, OMG we HAVE to sell our house fast! Because well, two house payments would not have been fun. We put our house on the market just a few days after our offer was accepted and the response was overwhelming. Over 30 groups of people with their agents came to see our house over two and a half days following the listing day (mid week too!). By Friday we got three great offers well over asking price. Now we wait...ugh so much stomach churning anticipation! A week until the inspection happens (no knowing what will come up with a 116 year old house!). The day comes and goes and no resolution still, the guy wants to call in every contractor known to man! Roof, foundation, furnace, arborist, radon, geez! Finally the last couple of hours of the allowed inspection period we finally got the repairs addendum. It was not pretty, it scared the crap out of us until our agent talked to their agent and said it was "their pie in the sky list." We met half way and finally some closure, not that it's final closure yet. Now we wait some more to close....

I was seriously having to stave off panic attacks, luckily enough I was able to talk myself out of all of them and keep them under control but man it felt awful! I've never experienced anything like this before in my life. About a week ago we smoothly closed on both houses. The panic attacks subsided in that instance. I will never attempt this again, never again in my life time!!! Never again, never the fun begins, packing up 11 years of our lives will need it's own blog post, ha!
Mr T looking as handsome and dashing as ever!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

7.5! (CA Trip)

CET finally seven and a half!
This time around California was a whole lot greener.
Spring Break, woohoo!
Dude fishing trip was a success!
The guys bonded while Tia J and I got Chinese massages and ate dim sum, ha!
Mama Elda and her grand babies!
We celebrated papa Ed and mama Sue's 50th Anniversary!!!
A rare family picture!
(at memorial, uncle Chance gave the talk but it was in Chinese, hehe!)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

7 yrs & 5 mo!

On the boys mirthday I happily announced "boys you're finally seven and a half!" They've been asking if they were 7.5 already since the day they turned 7. A few seconds later I realized I mis-calculated and had to burst their bubble, ha!
CET are 7 years and 5 month old!
They looked so dapper in these hats that I didn't buy : )
Beauty rest
Caleb's hair cracks me up in this pic!
The secret lives of 7 year old triplets!
The boys started their second year of basketball.
They have really improved since last year.
Eli scored 7 shots in one of their games! He was SO proud.
 More points than any one player on either team!
Pizza after the game with their fans : )
Yellow Submarine!!!
Octopus' are kind of my obsession lately : )
A day at the Oregon coast with these Goonies!
This video is too funny! I posted it to Instagram and it got a lot of laughs. Poor Eli is trying to bust
some moves and Caleb comes in and steals his thunder, twice!