Monday, October 17, 2016

Cyclocross Race

Phil found out about a cyclocross race in town that also included a little kids race just for fun. We thought the boys would love to participate in it. Phil got them all pumped up about it and took them on extra bike rides to train for it, ha! One day a neighbor saw the boys on their bikes and asked them if they were going on a bike ride and Eli quickly responded "no we're training!" Hahaha!
Before the race
Ready, set, go!
As fast as lightning!
Caleb cruising around the bend
In cyclocross you have to carry your bike over obstacles
The boys showing off their wooden medals!
Eli was a little perturbed that everyone won.
He said next time he wanted to do a race with only one winner, ha!
Later that weekend we went mushroom picking with some friends who taught us the ropes. 
Eli was really good at spotting them!
We picked several pounds of chanterelle  mushrooms and split them between our friends and us.
Unlike their mother the boys LOVE mushrooms and couldn't eat enough of them!
Caleb "helping" fix our porch steps : )
Pretend play has never looked so cute!
The boys hardly take them off and are always having epic light saber battles : )

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fruit Of Their Labor

When we took our family vacation to Hawaii 4 years ago I bought the boys coconut monkey "piggy" banks for them to use someday. A few months before they turned 5 they started doing chores. For helping pick up the living room they'd each get a quarter (they'd do this everyday). Then there was occasional yard work (weeding, picking up leaves, etc) and depending how long they helped for we'd pay them a dollar or two. They all saved most of their money in their monkeys but sometimes they'd spend it too. Eli was the big spender, Thomas a little less, and Caleb hardly ever spent his money. Caleb just never thought ahead and was always bumming off his brothers. Thankfully his brothers were pretty generous with him and would always share their purchases or just plain old give him money! At some point the boys asked when they could open up their monkeys and I blurted out 'when you turn six' (I wanted to give them plenty of time to get a good amount saved). Well the day finally came!!!
Luckily no dad's were hurt in this event, ha!
Look at all the loot!
Counting our money!
As expected Caleb had the most, followed by Thomas and lastly Eli.
We immediately went to the dollar store and they all spent $3-4 (I wouldn't let them spend more so they'd actually buy stuff that lasts). A few days later they all agreed that they wanted costumes which I fully support because these guys spend a good amount of the day in serious pretend play mode. So we went online and I ordered each of them their costume of choice, now we are just waiting for them to come! And next up is the Lego store : )
A few weeks ago with their buddy Oz : )
Caleb was looking so handsome today...
...that I snapped a few more pics of just him!
See what I mean! Some serious pretend play going on!
I love a little kid with hands in their pockets!
Cheeky Eli
The boys love playing the Mexican game "La Loteria."
They call the person who deals the cards "the helper," haha!
About a month ago Eli lost his first tooth (both his brothers' loose teeth are still hanging on, gah!). It was his idea to tie it up to the door to yank it off. Phil was very squiemish about doing it but I'd rather do that than try to yank it out myself, that would creep me out, ha!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

6 Years Old!

How can I have such big kids already, how can they be six years old, SIX?! How can I be a mother to three 6 year olds when it feels like they were just 6 months old yesterday!? Crazy right?

When the boys are being cute or sweet I love to tell them "you are so cute I just want to put you back into my belly!" And then they say laughing, "no mami we are too big!"

CET are 6 years old!
My boys are so delicious! I tell them all the time,
"I just want to eat you up with whipped cream and a cherry on top!"
Or "te quiero comer a besos, ven aqui!"
CET on our way to school for the first time ever as 6 year olds!
Yes I took lots of pictures!
Eli thought of the idea of taking "alone pictures."
Of course I agreed!
Our 6 year stats are as follows:

Caleb 42.5 in tall (7th%) 38.8 lbs

Eli 42 in tall (5th%) 38.7 lbs

Thomas 42.25 in tall (6th%) 38.6 lbs

Everyone wears a size 5T (or XS boys) with room to grow into and a size 10 toddler shoe. All continue to be the perfect picture of health! We pray this is always the case : )

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Routines

We are settling down to our new way of life that includes eating dinner earlier, making lunches, walking to and from school and a little homework here and there. The first couple of days the boys were in school I had this feeling like 'oh man what am I going to do with ALL my free time!' Then reality hit me and I started to realize just how quickly pick up time approaches. I've yet to just sit down and just read for pleasure. Stupidly, I figured the house would stay cleaner since the boys would be out of the house for such a large chunk of the day. Turns out they can trash the house within an hour of being home! Consequently I spend a good couple of hours cleaning everyday (and not to mention cleaning stuff that has been neglected for the past 6 years, haha!). Packing lunches takes me a little longer than it has to because I've been trying to be creative with them thanks to Pinterest. For now at least I'm having a blast making their lunches. I feel like I need to compete with the hot lunches the school sells, which at $2.70 a piece we could not afford long term (it would add up quick at $8.10/day!).

I've been walking a ton as well (I figure if I don't have a job at least I'll be fit, ha!). My goal is to walk the boys to and from school come rain or shine. It's half a mile each way so I get to log 2 miles a day! In addition I try to do at least one long walk per week about 3-5 miles and if I need one or two things from the grocery store I'll walk instead of drive. The first full week the kids were in school I walked 15 miles and that's impressive only because that's up from maybe 1 mile a week, haha! I tell ya it's hard to stay active when you're caring for triplets full time (I was never much for pushing a 100+ pound strollers and my guys didn't really like riding in them anyways).

I'm also looking for part time work in my old field. I applied to two jobs already and I actually interviewed for one but sadly I did not get the position. I was surprised I got an interview so quickly and hoping its a good sign. It might take a while or it may not, either way I'm happy to stay home for now as there is lots to keep me busy! Taking care of a family of 5 is no simple task even with the kids being in school. I don't know how families with two full time working parents do it. If I went back to work full time I'd have to hire a housekeeper, cook, nanny and landscaper, ha!

Anyways, can you believe these stinkers turn 6 tomorrow?!!!

School-lovin' trio!
Heading home after a long day at school.
Thomas showing me his classroom at the open house. 
Star chart!
They are very proud of the stars they earn each day : )
The boys showed us the library.
Homemade pizza bagels, olives, carrot sticks and ranch dressing.
Pizza bagels were a big hit!
Homemade quiche with broccoli and strawberries.
Only one boy liked the quiche so I guess that means I'm never making these again : (
Tortilla roll-ups (cream cheese&ranch, ham, and spinach), pretzels, olives and pears.
Shrimp drizzled in lime juice, marinara sauce, cheese, crackers, and peach slices. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hood to Coast Trip

A couple weekends ago Phil did the famous Hood to Coast relay run (199miles from Mt Hood to the coast). The boys and I drove to the finish line to meet up with the team and celebrate with them finishing. We also stayed a couple of nights on the coast for fun!

Swings on the beach!
The team!
Snuggly boys at the end of a long day (although it was a MUCH longer day for papi, ha!).
We stayed at cool hotel in Astoria.
All the stuff they found in the abandoned building before they turned it into a hotel. 
Caleb and pops.
More CET : )
Astoria column
I was pretty scared to be up there with my precious trio!
Beautiful view though!
It was a great spot for flying our gliders if only the wind were blowing in the opposite direction : (
It was a beautiful day!