Monday, December 15, 2014

LEGO Party!

Phil's work threw a first ever lego party/build off where several company's that his firm works closely with all participated in building a building or structure for the lego city. Then everyone at the party voted on the best ones and those that won got awards (which were built out of legos). All the legos used to build the city are going to be donated to Doernbecher Children's Hospital (it's the same hospital the boys were born at). They had lots of lego's for all the kids to play with and a craft station with a lego themed activity. The boys filled up on lego shaped candy, cookies and juice. At one point the boys got so sugared out that they asked for water and drank a ton of it!

Before heading out we took pictures in our cute party attire!
When I got home and looked at the pictures closely I realized Caleb's collar was all messed up!
Lego building!
Here's the lego city that was collectively built, it was pretty impressive!
Caleb working on his lego mask.
They had the lego movie playing in the background and it wasn't helping his concentration, haha!
Eli's lego mask, the marker he used was too light so you can't see the mouth and nose he drew : (
Party guys
The boys thought the lego city was pretty awesome
"CET architects, Eli speaking!"
(the boys playing at Phil's desk)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Zoo Lights

So every year the zoo, as the title implies transforms into a zoo of lights! We wanted to go last Saturday because it wasn't raining and relatively warm but we didn't get around to it. Then again we meant to go on Sunday but that did happen either. I had given up on the idea at least for now when on Monday Phil suggested we go that night after he got off from work. We rarely go out at night during the week so this was quite the adventure for us! And we were sooo glad we didn't come over the weekend because it was so packed out we could barely find parking. And we waited a good 45 min in line for the train, I can only imagine what the wait was like on the weekend!
Watching the ocean display doing circles as we wait in line for the train.
Thomas so happy to be on the train finally!
Crazy Eli and I
Caleb on the train
Warming up with some hot chocolate, although we were anything but cold.
I think we all over dressed, ha! 
Caleb and I
Riding the wolf pack
The train looked so cool!
Eli metamorphosized
Here is a little clip of us on the train and our view...

Friday, December 5, 2014


Most of the time you can't appreciate the boys unique eye color...or shall we say pattern since it's two different colors? But then there are times when the light strikes their eyes, just right and they sparkle like little emeralds : )
Eli right after poking himself in the eye with a stick
At the children's museum the boys excitedly ran to the "construction zone" and dawned all the gear.
This construction worker has a soft side : )
Caleb was digging the new dig pit, haha!
I'm always surprised at how much they like the vet station
Thomas riding Dorothy's bike at the new Wizard of Oz exhibit.
CTE, evidence that not all our group pictures turn out well.
But some are funny : )

Monday, December 1, 2014

4 yrs 2 mo!

This weekend we finally saw the light of day after being stuck at home for so long! We are all feeling 100% better, yay!

CET 50 months old!
Under the stairwell at the library
Sleepy triplet dominos
1000 legos doesn't look like much : (
We took advantage of all the good sales and bought the boys a bunch of "little" legos (aka not duplos). Phil and I are the first to admit that they are SO MUCH FUN! We ALL played with legos all weekend long, but seriously...we need to bulk up our stash!
Our first outing since being sickos was Burgerville which after not eating much for several days this tasted like prime rib, ha!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We spent the last week in pure misery. We caught either some epic cold or the flu. It knocked Caleb, Eli and I OUT! We had low grade fevers off and on, we sneezed non stop, our noses ran constantly, the bright lights burned our eyes and even now we are still coughing and hacking up unidentified matter. I seriously can't remember when I've felt worse! Thomas seems to have caught it too but his only symptoms are a runny nose, what gives?! And for now Phil seems to have escaped getting it but he shouldn't celebrate just yet, there is still a chance he could start up!  The worse part is that it has thwarted our plans for the long weekend, stay-cation it is : (

The boys couldn't seem to peel themselves off of the couch
to do much of anything but sleep and watch tv
Caleb and Eli easily polished off half a bottle of children's tylenol
The only nice thing was lots and lots of snuggles

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Perturbed, Frigid, and Elated!

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks!

Perturbed, frigid, and elated!
Thomas getting a special treat when he went with dad to run errands. Thomas always wears his fireman jacket when he goes with dad since he knows he won't object to it. I won't ever let him wear it when we go out in public, ha! (mostly bc they always wear it at home and it gets kind of dirty after a while)
The boys have learned several site words (oso=bear in english), and Thomas loves to see if he can write them too! I'm impressed at how well their penmanship has gotten just in the last few months.
Lock up your daughters when these three are around!
Eli and papi at an assembly last weekend : )
Here are a few cute videos of the boys, mostly for the grandma's and aunties : )

Eating noodles is hard work!

This one is from summer and the boys are arguing about how to assemble their new bikes. 

Eli is vicious!

Monday, November 17, 2014

National Preemie Awareness Day!

It is very sad that so many babies are born way too soon. Many lives lost and others with long worry-filled hospital stays before they are able to come home. We could have lost our boys at any given time during our high risk pregnancy. When I think back I was a bit naive and shutter to think that it could have easily happened to us as it has for so many. We are just so very grateful that we came out of this on the other side with three boys as healthy as any parent could wish for!

Papi with TEC 1 week old : )