Monday, September 20, 2010

33 weeks-Looking for a sign?

Here's me at my latest fetal monitoring, boys are doing great as usual!

Just when you think things can't get any worse. Remember when I said how hard rolling over was? Well now it's just plain painful even when I support the weight with my hands, I also feel the poor babies colliding in there. Sleeping has gotten worse, can't fall asleep in my bed so I have to fall asleep on the couch watching something boring and then when I wake up in an hour or so to pee I then transfer myself to bed. I can't sit up very long so I have to lay on my sides which renders me even more useless. Then as of about a week ago I started getting really itchy ankles I thought for sure I got bit by mosquitoes or something but there's absolutely no evidence of bug bites. I told Phil about it and he said I must have itchy blood, which re-enforces my observation that Phil knows more about pregnancy than I do and most people for that matter. Through out the pregnancy I would tell him about some weird random symptom and he'd always reply with "oh yeah I know what that is I read about it in so and so book or website." According to Phil "itchy blood" affects 1 in 2000 pregnancies (his memory was vague though). It sounds preposterous so is he serious or just making it up to so I don't worry?

So I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow, this is the average gestation for triplets, and there is ABSOLUTELY no sign of them coming out anytime soon. They must really love it in there, I wouldn't be surprised if they leave scratch marks on my uterus when they finally drag them out of there. I don't want them to come out until after 34 weeks but a sign indicating that we are getting close would be reassuring that my misery will be over soon. My biased prediction is that they'll come between 34 and 35 weeks.



Jonalyn said...

When my ankles got swollen, they got itchy ... because of the skin stretching, I think. But I like Phil's explanation, too. :) You poor thing! How is it you still look fabulous? You're taking such good care of the boys, it's no wonder they don't want to leave yet!

nan cee said...

Another week and only two or three more to go. Good job, keep up the good work. I can't imagine how feels to have three babies colliding with one another as you move around. They have got to be feeling pretty crowded in there! Hope you can make it to the gold!
Love to you all,
A Nancy

Sara said...

Janet, you really do look cute...Your belly looks so narrow, how are there three in there? I think it would be so cool if you as a tiny little thing made it to 36 weeks, and then think it would be so cool if you could just have them now, and then at least Phil could share in the carrying of the babies (and maybe you could walk, sleep, roll over, etc.) I cracked up at your "clawing" your uterus reference...

SAMANTHA said...


Amber said...

Hello Janet. Samantha loves looking at your blog. She must have watched the video of your tummy 5 times. She wanted to make your name so that's her own comment there. I'm sure you are more than ready for them to arrive on the one hand, that's natures way to gear you up for getting them out.
I like Phil's explination, its nice having some one with answeres even if they are made up. It makes life so much more interesting

Myra said...

I thought I was the nly one... I'm not swollen at all but my ankles have been super itchy too! You're looking great!

BlessedBlogger said...

Congratulations! I have twins and triplets (all fraternal from IVF) and well know the difficulties of such a pregnancy. You are doing great! 33 weeks is amazing.

I don't know if this is what you have but in some pregnancies, particularly multiples, the babies put an extra strain on mom's system. Well duh! If the liver is under too much strain you can get a rash similar to what patients with liver failure experience. The good news is that it goes away when they babies are born. The bad news is that the ONLY thing that will stop the itch is the babies being born. I did a lot of research and the closest thing I could find was about PUPPS.

As uncomfortable as you are your babies will fare that much better for the extra time in-utero. You may not be looking at any NICU time and that would be AWESOME!

You are about to embark on a unique journey aside from that of parenthood. Everywhere you go your family will draw attention. I was once chased through Disneyland by people who wanted to see the triplets. My thought was, "I payed my money and I want to enjoy the park!" If you can keep a sense of humor on hand you will go far.

If you want to commiserate I am just an e-mail away (
Kathleen, fellow triplet mom

Tati said...

I think it's amazing you've managed to make it so far! I love the "things I took for granted" list... hilarious!