Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 yrs and 2 mo!

the only half decent picture we could get of all three this day, and that's after 4 separate try's!!! It almost immediately turned into this next picture.... 
Caleb still not looking at the camera, Eli just remembered I promised a snack and is signing 'eat,' and Thomas was having an exceptionally bad attitude towards getting his picture taken this day. 
This is a continuation post of last weekend's happenings. On Saturday we took it to a library just across the border in Washington. I'd been meaning to come to this new library ever since the boys learned to walk but for whatever reason hadn't. We were missing out because they have the coolest toddler area ever, I felt like I was in a children's museum....It's going down in my rainy day fun list : )   


the letter S is brought to you by Shmee or I mean Eli : ) 


T likes candid photos the best
another one of the 4 tries to get a 2yr 2mo pic

Look what Caleb found, it's a diddle-diddle! (kitty)

The boys were scared to approach the windows overlooking the street but eventually got brave enough to get close : ) 
It's a bird, it's a plane, oh yes it is a plane!
Cool views from atop the library
our last attempt at a group shot, oh well!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Frog Ball

the boys are checking out their new Velcro frog ball game
Caleb winding up...
throw! just too fast for Phil to catch, do you see the where the ball ended up? 
Caleb's very unenthusiastic dunk
Some very grainy pics from dinner at David & Christine's, we are very disappointed we forgot our good camera : (
Boys being shy when we first arrived at cousin David's for dinner 
CTE ready for some noms : )

what a proper boy, eating his roll with a spoon and fork : )
E with cousin David
E giving hugs freely to those that walk on four legs : )
belly rub
The extra long weekend brought us many pictures so I will post the weekend's happenings over two separate blog posts.

We had lots of family fun that included going out, staying in, eating meals and playing games together. We all even enjoyed a cold together, well I can't say we actually enjoyed it but at least it didn't slow us down at all : ) Take that nasopharyngitis!

As I mentioned above we enjoyed several meals together meaning Phil and I ate dinner along with the boys instead of eating after the boys went to bed. With time to spare because Phil was home I was able to get dinner on the table early. The boys I think are maturing because it's starting to be much less chaotic at meal times. There is less throwing and they are taking a little longer to eat (maybe because they are eating more). The biggest thing to contend to now is the 'yuck yuck' call, which in their language means "please wipe my hands' : )

Other Updates

I taught the boys to show me how old they are by holding up two fingers in the 'peace sign' fashion. But they are unable to do it, so they use their other hand to cover up two fingers and we all just ignore their thumb : )

Some new words: dump truck (C), 'help' but it sounds just like 'up' so makes for some very confusing situations. 'Apple' and 'ball.' Oh no! All English words! I can't blame them the Spanish equivalents are ayuda (help), manzana (apple), and pelota (ball). Why did I ever think Spanish was an easier language than English!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yucky Eli

How I found Eli after leaving the room for a few seconds...

just wanted to get a mini blog post out before the long weekend. I'm not sure I'll get around to posting again till Monday. Hope everyone has fun : )

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weird Science

We took it to the science museum this weekend...


The boys would like to walk you through the GI tract

E and T are getting ready to enter the esophagus
Caleb sliding into the stomach
E and T crawling through the intestines

Eli has been pooped out!
This exhibit is called Grossology, where Caleb spent most of the time scared out of his mind!

that creepy pig in the background was one of many things that scared Caleb
C sticking close to papi
We couldn't use the entrance to enter because the minute Caleb saw that doll (which moves) he freaked out and was hysterically screaming and clinging to us. Hearing Caleb scream scared Eli so much that he started freaking out too. So here we are exiting through the entrance and trying to prevent Caleb from looking at it again. 

this is how my hair looks after 2 hours of chasing the boys around : )  
Phil and I were talking the other day about how the boys live such privileged lives. We don't mean fancy cars or a big house because if you haven't noticed we have none of that but rather all the fun things they do on a weekly basis. Going to museums and the zoo for both of us as kids was a once a year occurrence at best. Now we not only live a short 10 minute drive to the Children's Museum, Zoo, and science museum but we have memberships there too! And I must add that two out of the three memberships we got almost for free, all we had to do was show them one of Phil's pay-stubs, HA! Not only that but they have mom by their side every single day, I used to hate being away from my mom as a kid and would DREAD Thursdays since she had to work a double shift that day. Not to mention two best friends that go everywhere with them too : ) I tell you these boys have it all!