Thursday, May 12, 2016

Multiples Illuminated

A few months ago I was approached to see if I wanted to do a book review of a new book about multiples. And since I was not paid or benefit in anyway from this, here goes my honest opinion!

The book was a very nice read. It flowed well and covered a lot of important topics. It is basically a compilation of different peoples experiences. Reading them felt very much like hearing an old friend tell you about what they went through and what you're about to go through! At times it's serious and other times you find your self laughing at the stories.

I really enjoyed hearing experiences from other moms of triplets since it's not something you can readily find in any book these days (although I wish there had been even more!). I especially appreciated the section about breastfeeding being possible, it was something I questioned through out my whole pregnancy and found very little information on! It doesn't go into a lot of detail but just hearing "yes it's possible" is very reassuring.

I also appreciated the twin speak section because like most multiples (or at least most triplets) we too experienced a speech delay, although our twin speak wasn't as extensive as the authors'. I think back to our "mute" years and just remember the frustration that comes when you have three littles with limited communication.

My only criticism is that the fertility section was a bit too long for my taste. I almost skipped it half way through but in the end I stuck it out. While I'm sure the experiences are very relate-able it wasn't for me (and a good portion of other parents of multiples as well). Plus most people reading this are probably past this stage and already pregnant or have multiples so this could have been a shorter section. Other than that I do highly recommend this book for anyone expecting multiples. I probably would have read it more than once if it were around while I was pregnant!

Multiples Illuminated

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nan cee said...

Sounds like an interesting book and very helpful for someone in that situation, as were you. I have always admired you for nursing all three of our little guys for as long as you did! You and Phil have done such an excellent job working your way through it all.
Love you all,