Sunday, November 11, 2018

Personalities 8.0

Triplets 8.0

Today I blurted out, "hey boys we have to measure you, yesterday was your due date!" Funny enough but I've never told the boys what a due date is. I explained it and they were very puzzled but also fascinated by this new tid-bit of information. I'm pretty sure it blew their minds when I said, "you really should just NOW be turning 8 years old!" So we measured and sure enough just like every year of their lives, they grew! The boys always have a growth spurt right around their due date. 

These guys are doing really well, growing and developing as they should. I'm so grateful we have no issues with them what so ever and I pray it stays that way. The other day I got an impersonal email from their teacher, urging parents to please talk to our children about their behavior at school because I guess that day the kids were very trying. Apparently many were talking loudly and not paying attention to instruction. It was bad enough that the teacher felt compelled to email all the parents. I talked to the boys and they all acted very innocent and blamed the other kids in their class. I was very suspicious because they pull this kind of stuff all the time at home (blaming their brothers when it was really them). Well the next day I asked the teacher if they had contributed to the problem. To my pleasant surprise she said they are great students who always follow the rules! They were not the problem in the least. I'm so proud of them for being such good boys even under bad influence.

Traits they share include their love of Beast Masters (similar to American Ninja Warriors or American Gladiators), Pokemon cards, and Legos. They are adventurous eaters which includes any ethnic variety, seafood, spicy foods and weird meats (for example, chicken gizzards). They are great swimmers and love the pool. They don't seek attention but they LOVE it when they get it and all three are super affectionate. 

Caleb 2nd grade
Caleb: Such a chill boy most of the time but he can loose his top on occasion. His brothers urge him to join them to play sports outside but about half the time he chooses to just relax inside. He always asks why we have to "always do stuff" (e.g. go to school, grocery shopping, etc). I think his perfect day would include intermittently playing outside, building with legos, watching tv and eating yummy foods all from the comfort of his own home. Even still he is pretty active and has recently gotten into soccer although he's not the best at it. At his request we may try to do a soccer team in the spring. Caleb speaks his mind and comes up with some pretty off the wall stuff (he keeps Phil and I laughing). He's got a good imagination!

Eli 2nd grade
Eli: Such a smart and quick witted little guy, always ahead of the game so to speak. He's very outspoken and can talk your head off. Eli is incredibly athletic, he's far ahead of his peers who easily tower over him by 2-4 inches. Particularly he's great at catching a football even while running. People who see him in action comment at how impressive he is. Phil and I like to call him a Velociraptor, not because of his speed but because he can freak out rather easily. We tend to tip toe around this guy so as not to awaken the Velociraptor within! I guess you can say he's pretty emotional. Eli is a very hard worker and is always the first to volunteer for a paid job.
Thomas 2nd grade
Thomas: This kid loves to draw and create, you can always find him crafting and building away. A master at freehand Lego building as well. He can be a bit of a brut, not knowing his own strength or being a bit impulsive at times. Even though, he's been pretty obedient lately, following though on requests with little talk-back (while his brothers on the other hand think of everything under the sun to try to convince me why they shouldn't have to do what I asked of them, ha!). Thomas is a very good fluid reader and sets goals for himself, like how many times he can read one book during a certain time frame. He just got a pretty thick Hombre Perro book and he intends on finishing it from front to back before reading anything else. He LOVES playing sports and is very athletic.