Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Months

These super cute onesies are a gift from our friend Brooke W, congrats on your new BBB trips!

I can't believe the boys are already 5 months old! They are getting very interactive and giggly. They are FINALLY moving on from their 0-3month clothes to 3+months. The boys are also much better about sleeping at night, they go from 9pm to 7am only waking up once to eat. They seem to be teething, for quite some time now they have been very drooly and chew on their hands with fervor. But no teeth yet!

The doc cleared us to try solids even though they were 6 weeks early but I want to play it safe so I'm waiting till they are at least 6 months. They seem to be the least bit interested in solids so I don't feel like I'm waiting too long. If anything I may wait longer. Everyone these days has food issues, including myself, so I want to be really careful with what I give them and when. They have only had milk with the exception of a lick from a candy cane. I caught Phil in the act and gave him a good tongue lashing, candy of all things!

I've been doing a lot of reading on how to go about it. I'll be keeping a log and introducing new things every few days. These are gonna be our rules to promote good eating habits:
-No candy (till they are at least 3yrs old)
-No soda (that's easy since we don't even go near the stuff)
-No fruit juices until they are 2 and then it will only be a treat
-You can eat all the fruit you want
-You eat what I make or you don't eat at all (Obviously not when they are real little. This one is easier said than done so we'll see how this goes)

What's better than buying organic veggies and making your own baby food you ask? Growing your own veggies! I bought some vegetable seeds and will get those started in my basement using my grow light. I may get more but so far I have zucchini, green beans, yellow beets (the last thing I want to see is red baby poo), cabbage and carrots. I vowed never to grow carrots again after I tried it and they all came out looking like aliens from outer space. But it's such a good baby food that I'll take my chances.

Note to self: don't tickle baby right after he eats.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A typical M.O.M. interogation

Check out this video a fellow M.O.M. posted on her blog...I can relate 100%! Especially when people like to say that twins and triplets are just as hard as kids one year apart...ha! I say come to my house from 7-9pm : )

M.O.M. Interogation

Friday, February 18, 2011

Top 10 Reactions

Deys brodders and dey wuvs eachodders (this was not staged)

After a quick shower with pa. Ok I'll admit it, I don't know if this is Eli or Caleb

Phil and I have eaten dinner on the kitchen floor like this several times because it's the only way the boys let us eat in peace.

At a local hipster coffee shop pretending to be normal, thankfully hipsters are too cool to stare and ask questions

Quick update, took the boys in for their 4 month check up and shots. I'm not sure if the shots are more traumatic for them or me. Anyways the boys all weigh about 12 pounds which means they've almost tripled their birth weights! They have not made the charts yet had they been full term on their birth date but I think by their 6 month check up they will at least be in the 10th percentile (age adjusted they are about in the 50-60 percentile). The boys want you to know they are working hard to catch up to their full term counterparts!

Those darn things people say...

Top 10 reactions
1. Was it a surprise?
2. Triplets!
3. Twins!...pause (count)...oh triplets!
4. Twins!...never notice a third baby
5. Oh God bless your souls!
6. You must have your hands full
7. blank (under their breath)
8. Do you get much sleep?
9. staring, sometimes followed by lots of staring and then maybe..."one two three" (you see their mouths counting but no sound comes out)
10. the double take, they look once and quickly look again

Comments that annoy me

1. Are you gonna have any more?- What?! Don't you think 3 is enough?

2. You're not having anymore are you?- Are you implying we shouldn't...maybe I want more kids...ugh....that's none of your business!

3. So glad it's not me, I'd go crazy (or any variation implying this) -I HATE this one the most. Ok it just plain old hurts my feelings and shame on you for thinking it! First of all, any decent person would not go crazy and would love their children in any form they came in. Second of all, if this is true, THANK God you didn't have them and I did!

4. Do the boys have different personalities? -THEY ARE IDENTICAL...their personalities are and will be very similar. Their differences are very subtle.

5. You better be careful or you might end up with 6!-hahaha (sarcastic laugh), very unlikely. Actually my chances of conceiving identical triplets are the same as yours, so maybe YOU should be careful!

6. Were they natural or did you do IVF?-There is no drug/treatment in the world that makes identical babies so our chances were the same either way. They came from one very magical egg and sperm. In fact no body really knows why this happens.

And I haven't even been out much! Maybe I'll have a whole new set to write about after this summer when we can get out more.

Window into my mind:

one baby crying: oooh let me comfort my sweet baby!

two babies crying: crap!

three babies crying: Houston we have a problem!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thomas the Tank

Then (2 days old)

The triplet with the most nicknames. Mr. T, T-man sweets, Tom-Tom, Thomas the tank. Caleb was the name I liked most and Phil liked Eli (I thought Eli was too short since they wouldn't have middle names so we decided on Elias with a Spanish pronunciation). We were short a name so we thought a family name would be lovely. We settled on Thomas the boys' paternal great grand father who lived till he was 92! If Thomas had been a girl he'd have been named after their maternal great grandmother Belen (Bethlehem in Spanish). Both sets of great grandparents were faithful to God right up to the end of their lives and so we hope the same for our boys.

He was baby B in the ultrasound and baby C after he was born. Once he's old enough to realize it he will probably always resent Eli for taking his spot. Thomas was the only baby I saw right after they pulled him out with all the goo still on him and it made me glad I didn't have to touch him till after the clean up. He's the tank because he was my biggest baby and best eater. He yanked out his feeding tube in the NICU and the nurses never had to put it back in. After a day or two we noticed he had a dark red spot on his head which we all thought was just a little birth mark. About a week later we noticed what we thought was a scratch near his eye. Well it was neither a birth mark nor a scratch. They kept getting bigger and puffier. Turns out they are both hemangiomas. Not to worry the docs say, they are somewhat common and they go away in a couple of years with out a trace, not even a scar (unless they are really big, but both are considered small). Thomas I'd say is the most observant baby. When he was just a newborn and awake in his swing or pack n play he'd always stare at the warning labels intently studying them. He is the most talkative and makes lots of different sounds. We wouldn't be surprised if he was the first to talk. His latest accomplishment is standing, he says "why sit when you can stand!"


Friday, February 11, 2011

Eli the Stretch Master

Then (2 days old)

Baby button Eli, cause he's as cute as a button! He was baby C in the ultrasounds but once Caleb was pulled out he took advantage of the extra room and got in front of Thomas and so became baby B. He was at the top of my belly so I felt him move around the most. He was my smallest guy and even though all were over 4 pounds he was the only one that dipped bellow 4 pounds shortly after birth. One obvious thing about Eli is he loves to stretch, even more so than his brothers. He does it as a job, a sense of duty and he does it well. So far he shows the best control over his hands, he won't really reach for things but if it's right in front of him he'll try to pick it up. Eli is also a champ at arching his back, he says he aspires to be in the Olympics for the pole vault. Lots of friends and family agree that he arches his back when stretching more than any other baby they've seen. Even in the ultrasound pics he arched his back.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Caleb Then and Now

Then (a few days after we brought the boys home)

2 days old

Also known as "Kaywibs" and the charmer of the bunch. My first born and first to roll over and sleep through the night(although he hasn't done it since). His recent accomplishments include screaming with happiness(mostly while he's in his baby Einstein) and reaching out for things, which looks more like he's pretending to be a zombie cause his arms are stretched out in front of him. Not much control over his hands yet. He was also born with the most hair and it was always messy but stylish as you can see in the video. Now, like his brothers, his head has gotten bigger but no new hair has come in.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Toad Discipline

What is a dad to do when he's by himself during the witching hour (approximately from 7-9pm) or as someone recently called it, "baby PMS?" They get a good talkin' to from Mr. Toad.

Toad Discipline from Janet Pittsenbarger on Vimeo.