Monday, September 30, 2013

West Coast Sunset (3yr Pics!)

I was gonna do a Rockaway Day 3 post but after looking at the pictures for that day they weren't very impressive. I think we were all pictured out by day 3! Let me sum it up by saying it was a fantastic mini vacation by the beach. So as promised, this is the best of the best of our 3 year photo-shoot from day 1 of our vacation : )

2 Caleb
3 Eli
4 Thomas
5 CET in birth order of course!
6 TEC looking at the beautiful sunset : )
7 ring around the rosie
9 more ring around the rosie
10 not sure why but the boys called this game 'motorcycle'
11 motorcycle is so fun!
12 with a couple of my boys : )
I hope everyone liked them as much as I do, I already have several of these printed and up on my walls! The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach and that's probably why they were so happy and cooperative for this shoot. And it didn't hurt that I can bribe them now too, 5 cinnamon mints was a well earned reward!

I labeled the pictures 1-12 so if anybody wants an un-watermarked picture leave a comment, call, text or email me which ones you want. I can email them to you right away but if you want them printed and mailed I can get them out to you within the next month or two : )

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bracing For Impact!

They say three is worse than two. I was reluctant to believe it at first because I just didn't want to believe this terrible truth. Well, I've become a believer now. The two's have proven difficult and the last couple of months the boys have become even more stubborn, opinionated and impulsive. As if they weren't enough work already! At the beginning I never thought about what two or three would be like because I honestly never thought we'd live past those sleepless foggy newborn days that are now ironically, long gone...

Oh my, oh my, today we have three three year olds and they say three is worse than two, all I can really do is brace for impact!

Enjoy this little age progression video I compiled : ) ...back to vimeo since you tube wasn't cooperating last night

Age progression to 3 yrs from Janet Pittsenbarger on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rockaway Day 2

The boys had so much excitement the first day that they amazingly enough slept in until 8am. The rain was holding out so we took a really long walk along the beach after breakfast...

Snuggling (torturing) my boy!
Still such little feet!

Chasing birds
Thomas loves his papi
Riding in the "boat" after the rain started up outside
Dad is so funny!
After our walk and pool session the boys took a nap. Then after nap we went to buy some fresh crabs and fish for dinner. The boys, apparently, do not have a taste for crab but they ate a truck load of albacore tuna or as the boys call it "agua nemo." We also watched Finding Nemo that night since it seemed appropriate : )

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rockaway Day 1

We took a three day beach vacation to Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast! The forecast was looking dismal for day 2 and 3 so we made it a goal to get there as early as possible the first day so that we could at least enjoy one sunny and warm day in the sand. Phil had to work that day but was able to leave two hours early and we got to the beach at about 5pm. 

C and E
E pretending to be a frog
There was this huge puddle that had formed, it was as deep as 2 feet in some spots.
And I kid you not the water was like 75 degrees, perfect swimming hole for the boys!
Finally someone lets us bury them!
The boys grandparents : )
 After the boys got their fill of sand and water we got them dressed in cute little outfits of my choosing and did their 3 year photoshoot! Considering how their 2 year shoot went (horrible) I figured this would be our first attempt and if we couldn't get anyone to cooperate then we'd try again whenever. Well, we struck gold on the first try! I'll post those pictures later on once the boys are actually 3 and once I finish posting about the rest of this vacation : )

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Apple Picking

The guys were out of town on a backpacking trip so mama Sue and I took the boys apple picking...

Honeycrisp apples, u-pick price is only $1 lb !!!
The boys were good little apple pickers when they weren't eating the merchandise!
Those are some seriously good apples, my fav!!!

We (I) went kind of crazy, 30 lbs of Honeycrisps!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Balloon Chaos

These punch balloons provided us (me and grandparents) with two solid hours of entertainment. The boys had a blast going crazy with these things but I don't have to tell you this because you'll see it in their faces : )

Punch balloons are basically over sized balloons with a long rubber band attached.

Caleb, two balloons at once!
Eli complaining that he also wants two balloons at once.
We gave him a turn : )

Finally taking a break!
This is the perfect activity to wear out your kids indoors. I will remember this for the upcoming rainy season!