Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tulip Fest! (3yrs 7mo)

CET are 3 years and 7 months old!
While Phil's parents were out visiting we went to the tulip festival as we like to do every year. It was beautiful as usual but if was by far the coldest tulip fest we've been to! There was a good chance we'd get rained on but thankfully it held out till a couple of hours after we left, it made for some great clouds : )

Ed & Sue with Thomas
Phil loved the salmon colored tulips
Phil and I
Their expressions crack me up!
Best Buds : )
Caleb fell in the mud and his hand wasn't the only thing that got mud all over it!
My favorite tulips!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The boys representing dads alma mater with their sweaters and fake smiles, haha!
They dressed themselves
Thomas with another fake smile
The other night I turned the tv on and to my delight one of my faves was performing. Caleb seems to have the same taste because he just couldn't help himself from rocking out! Too funny, here is the video evidence, hehehe...

You'll often find the boys "reading" a book together, they are so cute!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Things That Make You Big & Strong

The boys right now are really into asking me if what they're eating will make them big and strong or if it will just make their tummy's big. Not sure how this started, it may have been an explanation about why we can't eat treats all the time or because I've been trying to cook healthier lately (more veggies and whole grains among other things). I've defined for the boys that things that we eat for meals and snacks will make them grow tall/big and strong like dad (don't want them to think they'll be any taller than that because at the rate they're growing they'll be lucky to just get to dads height, ha!). And treats are things we eat occasionally and not a lot of because the only thing treats will make grow is your belly, hahaha funny but soooo true! It's been good toddler psychology because after they ask me if something will make them big and strong and I concur they immediately say "show you mom!" and proceed to take a big bite of what ever we might be eating at the moment. The boys have never been picky eaters (for toddlers that is) but this has helped them try even more new and strange things (aka spinach and lettuce)! 

The following pictures are from our circuit assembly last Sunday. It was quite the magical experience since two of the boys sat with our friends the M family throughout the entire assembly and with only one kid to watch, Phil and I pretty much listened to the entire program! That hasn't happened since before the boys were born, one kid was so easy! The M family must be toddler whispers because the two boys that were with them behaved so well and they even got both to sleep through the second half. I tried rocking the one we had to sleep but to no avail, not a blink was slept, what gives?!

In their first suits, but not too enthusiastic about getting their picture taken, ha!
Not a big fan of suits because of all the pieces and time it takes to dress them but the boys love looking like dad so to make them happy I got them some Target specials. I took the boys with me to buy them and I asked Thomas which he liked better, the striped suit or the plain tan suit. Of course he said he liked the tan suit better since it looked a lot more like a suit dad would wear! Maybe next year my son, the seersucker suit is sooo much cuter : )
I also busted out the backpacks I was saving for preschool because their current Elmo backpacks were in rough condition! "Elmo backpacks, the trashcan welcomes you."
Maybe I've been watching too much teen mom but pictures like these make me so grateful that the boys have a loving father that cares for them as much as I do!
The boys LOVE these two ladies!
After the assembly ended I took Eli to go get his brothers and as you can see two are fast asleep!
(the other boy is in the back and you can only see a bit of his yellow shirt but I assure you, he is asleep)
The next day (Monday) was another beautiful day so we hit the park for some fun and exercise!
Monday night was the Memorial and that morning our cheap bow ties from China finally came, yay!
Don't they look so charming!
CTE with their favorite peeps!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Our adventures from, as you may have guessed, Saturday!

First stop Pump It Up Jr
Sticking your tongue out really helps your balance
Group slide!
Next we went to the park!
With Caleb : )
With Eli
With Thomas
Eli and pops
Love those pretty little tootsies!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Play Ball!

Pictures from Friday, it was a beautiful day!!!
In anticipation of warmer weather Caleb and I went shopping
Pay bow!
This picture cracks me up, I caught the ball in mid air!
Caleb took a break from playing ball
The boys thought it was so funny how they'd slide down the hill in slow motion
Caleb was feeding the turtle some of his graham cracker