Friday, September 2, 2016

First Day Of Kindergarten!

I'm going to have to go out of order (against my ocd to keep things in chronological order). Otherwise it'd be another month before I write about our first day of school! The day before school started I thought I was coming down with something and figured 'well at least it will be nice to lay around all day till I get better.' Well the next day I felt fine, so it turns out it was just sadness! No I'm kidding I was pretty excited for the big day. It was a very smooth day and the boys were very excited and happy to finally go to kindergarten. There were a few kidos not too happy or crying and I'm sure glad we didn't have to deal with that. After a kiss goodbye to each boy, Phil and I went to a little breakfast for the parents in the auditorium (some call it the crying room, ha!). After that I had an errand to run followed by a shopping trip to Costco and household chores (so I didn't do anything too exciting, I know I'm lame). I was surprised at how fast the day went! I didn't get very emotional at the drop off, I just kept thinking 'how cute they were with their little back packs and their little class.' Later in the day if I thought too much about it my eyes would well up with tears but I kept myself in check and I'm over it now. It's weird (although maybe not to other parents) but I love just watching my kids... playing, talking, eating, and everything else that isn't naughtiness, I will miss this the most. I know I'll still get to do this but still, it's not as much as I'm used to. I cannot believe how quickly almost 6 years flew by! When I picked up the boys from school I poked at them to find out what all they did and what they thought of everything. But they are such guys and didn't elaborate on anything (see video below) just simple one word answers or they'd give me the run around and not say anything in the end, stinkers! Because of this I'm just itching to volunteer in their classroom so I can peak into their new little world : )

I warned the boys that there would be lots of picture taking and boy did I not lie...
I told the boys they could always pick out their own clothes for kindergarten (although I still call dibs on the weekends!). In preschool they were color coordinated so their teacher could tell them apart. Well we still have that same problem going into Kindy so their shoes will be the key to telling them apart. Each has two pairs of shoes (Thomas red or orange, Eli blue, Caleb green or yellow). 
All ready!
Sure gonna miss my little sidekicks!
We really should be biking to school (in true Portland style) but I decided I really want the exercise, ha! It's half a mile each way so between dropping off and picking up I get to log 2 miles a day, yay!
We made it to school nice and early.
With papi.
In their Spanish immersion class eating breakfast. One of my favorite features is that ALL students get a free breakfast (unlike lunch, boo!). We will save hundreds of dollars on breakfast cereal and rice milk!!!
Here is our after school conversation, you will be amused at how many words they can speak and yet say so little, haha!


nan cee said...

Yep, they are growing up! I loved the video! They didn't look quite as excited as they did in the first few pictures before they actually left to go to school. Maybe they were just tired. Thanks for sharing that!
Love to you all,

Lease said...

We did color coded shoes from the beginning and now they pick out shoes in "their" color. Made it so much easier for the teacher.

Aracely said...

Los Amo! so cute!!