Thursday, June 19, 2014


The pictures have been piling up and no time to post! The background of our pictures will be different soon, a much needed vacation is just around the corner...
Behave, someones watching!
Barnes & Noble storytime
Wild animals at the zoo!
Someone forgot to tell them that they don't fit 2 by 2 anymore!
I was inspired to make tye dye shirts when I found out how well they cover up messes.
Can their whole wardrobe be tye dye? I would never have to worry about getting stains out!
A break from riding bikes

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grad Party

Last Saturday we went to a friends graduation party and his parents catered it with their taco truck! The boys had a lot of fun and even got to skip their nap since the party started right around the time they'd be going to sleep. They did ok but come 7:30pm they started acting like drunks. They were getting really clumsy and falling left and right, ha! They went to bed around 9pm and we had to wake them up at 9am so we wouldn't be late to meeting (but of course we were anyways) so who know how long they would have slept in!

Of course these truck obsessed dudes were in awe of it!
The boys got to spend a few minutes "driving" the truck
Caleb almost lost it when his 5 minutes were up, there were many tears
Eli was being very photogenic this day (more to come)
The boys were excited to see more friends arriving!
playing futbol
Eli looking like such a big kid!
Eli showing off his balancing act
uh oh he's losing it!
out for the count!
And he's back!
I was waiting for dessert to come before we left but after seeing how tired the boys were I asked Eli if he wanted to go home so he could go to bed. His reply was, "me want cupcakes." It's a hard life waiting for dessert to come!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Oh Crap! moment #68-74

I haven't done one of these in a really long time. I think it's because I've become desensitized to all the bumps, cuts, bruises and shenanigans that these boy get into on a daily basis. How people survive childhood eludes me...

Oh Crap! moment #68

As I walked into the living room one day it felt like a bug went into my eye only it stung so bad that I immediately ran to the bathroom to rinse my eyeball out. I never found the bug and without too much thought I went about my morning. That is until I walked into the boys room to find that they had dusted half the room with cayenne pepper (and they tried to clean it up, notice the baby wipes). That morning was spent washing their hands and vacuuming. And in case you haven't put two and two together the thing that landed in my eye was a floating speck of cayenne. How the boys didn't get any in their eyes I have no idea?!

Oh Crap! moment #69

Yup you guessed it, talcum powder all over the floor, their legs, and hands. More vacuuming...

looking quite satisfied with themselves
Oh Crap! moment #70

There have been so many split lips that I've lost track, I don't even remember how Eli fell when he got this one. It does look like a particularly bad one though. Maybe it was the time someone dove head first off the bathroom counter...
That's one fat lip!
It's cut on both the outside and inside
Tah Dah!
Caleb kissing his bro's booboo
Oh Crap! moment #71

We never heard the crash but this little uh oh cost us $170 to repair!

The point of impact was toddler fist level
This was near the scene, it stands about 10 inches in length and it was one
of Caleb's favorite toys at the time. You can say I have a suspect in mind...
Oh Crap! moment #72

The boys have this game they call "hay lobos" (there's wolves) and it involves getting completely naked, jumping on our bed, and scaring each other in the closet. They had been playing their game one morning when they came out to the living room. I was picking up some toys off the floor so I wasn't paying too much attention to them. At one point I turn around and all three were perched on the window, like in the picture below except they were completely naked! And as you can see they are in plain view of anyone driving down the street or walking down the sidewalk. Thankfully they were only up there a few seconds before I caught them! Can you imagine if someone had seen them... at least I don't think anyone saw them?!

I had them pose for this picture but I normally don't let them do this with or without clothes!
Oh Crap! moment #73

Around the same time that moment #72 happened, maybe it was even the same day, I picked up the boys from nursery school one day only to find them all running around in their classroom completely naked! After talking to the teacher she told me that for the last half hour the boys had refused to put clothes on after stripping them selves down. I wasn't gonna wait till the third strike so we now have a strict "underwear at least" rule AT ALL TIMES!

Oh Crap! moment #74

What's worse than your kid throwing up in a crowded paved playground? Your kid peeing in a crowded paved playground! Talk about wanting to crawl under a rock with embarrassment, thanks Thomas! What can I say, at least pee is sterile...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


It's a good thing we didn't have an eventful weekend because I still have pictures from the previous weekend to share! Monday (memorial day) we went to the waterfront downtown, I always forget how much fun it is just to walk around down there : )
TEC, we parked on the east side of the river. 
We walked over one of the bridges, and we were all just a little freaked out
We checked out the Canadian geese with their babies in tow, they always come to this spot to hatch their eggs.
Thomas and Phil
CET, we also checked out the boats at the dock
Eli looks like he's about to tell a joke
The boys look like they are about to breakdance : )
It would be a great background if it wasn't for that makeshift house boat that's taken up temporary residence there!
Checking out the drawbridge, here comes the Portland Spirit!
All that walking worked up an appetite so we set off to Koifusion, for some korean burritos (they are amazing) but they were closed. So we settled on some good ol americana fare where Eli thought up the brilliant idea of a french fry shish kabab!