Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh Crap! moments #22-24

Oh Crap! #22
 no words needed

Oh Crap! # 23

With multiples biting happens, at this point I wouldn't call it a problem but it does happen with some regularity. This time I don't even know when this happened and honestly don't even know how???

The happy-face biter strikes again!

Oh Crap! #24

Eli has no problem on his first attempt but not on the second...'s tough when you're trying to hold on to your teddy!

Now to end on a cute note : )

 E is a street tough

nah! not really

Baby Updates

Just when I thought they couldn't get any cuter! The boys have been giving each other hugs for some time now and not always because they are encouraged to by a third party. Well lately the boys have started giving each other kisses even without me asking them to : ) 

They also sometimes comfort each other when one is crying like by patting his brother on the back or patting him where he got hurt.

I'm sure they've known each others names and have been able to tell each other apart for a long time now but I just never bothered to ask to see if they could. Well they can! So if I ask Caleb where Thomas is he points to the right brother and when I ask where Caleb is he points to himself.    

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (20mo!)

Looking shaggy in their Hawaii state fish tees Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, in serious need of haircuts!

Sightseeing with our friend Bryan that came all the way out from SoCal to see us and to get a break from the heat. It was great to have his visit to look forward to after our big trip : ) It was so nice seeing a friend from way back when (think college days when Phil and I were dating) to reminisce the old days, hope you come and visit again!

Sorry for the dry spell but we've been busy scheming ways to get back to Hawaii. It won't be easy when the boys can't fly for free anymore and we don't have a gazillion frequently flyer miles to get us free tickets. I don't know exactly how but we'll be back!

I want to mention a few things I missed on my last post, I realize you are probably sick of hearing about this trip already but must document it for my own benefit so bare with me. In 2006 Phil and I went to Waikiki during spring break and had a lame time there. We got back feeling like we never went to Hawaii. It just so happened that they were getting one of those 'once every hundred years' storms. It rained the entire time and seriously I've NEVER seen rain come down so hard and fast! Our last day there the entire tourist area was flooded up to our knees. It got so bad that two days after we left a major canal broke and flooded Waikiki beach with tons of sewage forcing authorities to close down one of the most popular beaches in the world!
Here is a pic of us with Diamond Head in the background, notice how green it is (it's generally a brown/yellow color).

An interesting thing happened while we were there this last time around. We came back with over 30 unused diapers! I packed all the diapers we would need for the trip and figured we'd probably end up buying a pack since it might not be enough. But something magical happened, the boys were only pooping once a day! I was praying that this wonderful occurance would continue once we got back home but the very next day home it was back to 2-3 times a day, argh! Seriously whats wrong with these children? You'd think they'd be 300lbs by now considering how much they poop!

I thought I'd take advantage of the jet lag and get them into a more convenient sleep schedule where they go to bed at 8pm instead of 7pm in hopes of getting them to wake up at 6:30/7am and not 5:30/6am like they had been doing. Well, I don't think it's been working, so not sure how much longer we'll keep this up, although they have been napping longer, hmmm...decisions decisions? These guys have a seriously good internal clock!

At the Park!

 I'm gonna eat your stinking flower!

 E and pops
C on the spinner
Baby Updates
Eli made up his own sign for hand washing, when I tell them that we are going to wash our hands he rubs his hands together as if he were washing them. He does a better job of signing it than he does actually doing it, I usually end up washing his hands for him.

I think the flood gates might be opening for Eli in the speech department. I've seen a lot of improvement in the last two weeks or so. He's got several new words and I've noticed he's trying to say stuff when I ask him to (before it was like pulling teeth or they would just say things out of the blue). His vocab list includes: mama, papa, kity, down, go, hi, pop, ya (spanish), mas (spanish), banana (it's the same in both languages). He said 'socks' today too. He tries to mimic what I say but most of the time it doesn't sound anything like the real word but at least he gets the right number of syllables down.  They learn very quickly from each other so I think his brothers will catch up soon too or maybe it's just because they are identical (they are never too far behind from each other). I am seeing improvements in Thomas and Caleb too.They both have been saying mama, kitty, and mas for some time now. Thomas recently said pop but can't get him to say it again. Caleb said bubble, pop, papa, hi, and wow recently too. Both T and C won't repeat things as readily as Eli will, I especially notice T gets very shy quickly so I feel like he holds back more.

 Finally free ranging it in the bath tub. It was everything I feared, bucketfuls of water out of the tub, fighting over toys, pushing, etc. Will miss the bath seats : (

 Eli eatin pad thai with chops!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best of Waikiki Hawaii 2012

Preparation and the Flight (it's a long one so grab a cup of coffee!)
I'm pretty sure I spent more time thinking and preparing for this trip than I actually spent in Hawaii. Trying to think of everything, anticipating everything and knowing I would for sure miss something. Oh well I did as good a job as I could. The flight going to Hawaii was very stressful for me. First I sat next to a baby-hater that rolled her eyes the minute she found out she'd be sitting next to a baby.  She wouldn't even hand me stuff that the flight attendant was trying to give me as if we were going to give her cooties! Second, I kept thinking 'this is it,' the melt down is inevitable but thankfully it never happened. The boys did well despite only sleeping 1.5hrs on a 5.5 hr plane ride, it was just too new and exciting! On the way back it was so much better, I sat next to a kind lady that liked babies. The boys all slept at least 3hrs and were less restless than on the way there. We all had window seats (bc of regulations), Phil in front with Thomas, me in the middle mostly with Caleb, and aunt Janet behind me with Eli. Chance caught a different flight. Whew! Even though we survived I don't want to do that again for at least another year and a half!

Phil and I rarely take relaxing vacations, the world is too exciting to relax, so much to see and do. Even though we weren't going to be exploring ancient temples on this trip we had no notions of relaxing considering we were taking 19mo old triplets but can you believe it, relax we did! As I've mentioned before the boys' aunt Janet and uncle Chance came along with us and it made a world of difference. We simply wouldn't have gone with out them! They introduced us to the concept of napping on vacation. I'm the worlds worst napper and have to take a sleeping pill in order to make myself nap. But even I took two naps (without sleeping aids) while everyone else napped most days during the boys' nap time. 

The Condo
Before any trip I usually start to panic about our accommodations, 'what if it was a scam and we get there and have no where to stay?!' We got such a 'great deal' what if it was too good to be true? I really did not have high expectations of this place considering what we paid for it but to everyone's surprise it was such a great find! It was nicely decorated, surprisingly toddler proof (although there were several modifications we had to do) and the lanai was spacious and safe for everyone to be out on at once. 

We bought groceries at a Safeway just outside of the tourist area where things were so much more affordable than in the tourist area. Many things were the same price as the main land and if it was more it was never more than a 1/3 more (Milk was $5/gal versus $3/gal in Portland). Phil and I must have looked pretty ridiculous walking back with our double stroller packed with groceries and no babies! Ah well it was worth it, we cooked approximately half our meals and did lots of take out. 

At the Beach
We spent a lot of time at the beach, we never had a day off from it. Even if I didn't feel like going, the minute I looked at the calm blue water and soft sand it was simply irresistible
Do you see Thomas showing some crack up top? Can you believe those are the same swim trunks from last year size 6-12mo! Considering we had a hard time keeping them on I think I can get another year out of them : )

I dug a hole the last day and filled it with water using the buckets. The boys had a blast with it, and played for hours in it (video down below). I wish I had thought of it the first day! Caleb is wearing the blue fish, Eli in either multi-colored fish or dinosaurs, and Thomas in orange/brown stripes. 

We quickly developed a beach routine. At the condo we'd strip the boys down to their diapers, grease them up with sunscreen and load them onto their strollers (the boys would jump right in without our prompting). At the beach we'd take their diapers off and put on their swim trunks and hats. One person was assigned to Eli (he was the most adventurous and fearless) and one person with the other two boys. The boys were pretty easy to look after at the beach, they stayed close by and didn't run off too far from us (this is not the case anywhere else). The boys could not stand lots of idle time in the condo which was great motivation to get us out the door and into the beautiful landscape!

Aloha Shirt Photo Shoot!
We had this huge entourage gawking at us while we snapped pictures! What makes people think this is acceptable?! (Eli in orange/red, Caleb in red, Thomas in black)

Misc Pics
The picture of Thomas snuggling up to aunt Janet is because the boy was terrified of the crazy howling monkeys at the zoo (they kind of scared me too)!

The bottom two pics are Phil and I's meals that we had on our date night, soooo yummy! We ate so much seafood on this trip : )

Last Night
We kept the boys up two hours past their bed time and they were in rare form. They were so excited laughing, giggling, being sweet and giving hugs and kisses. We had some paparazzi next to us, a group of 5 ladies that were head over heals over the boys. While Phil was taking a video he turned the camera on them! (see video below) They were mild with comparison to the lady that screamed when she saw the boys on the beach, immediately she drops the sandals that were in her hands and whips out her camera to take a picture (that one takes the cake I must say of all time reactions to the triplets). As it is people lower their inhibitions while on vacation but when you add identical triplets to the mix it's all over people!

Here are three little video clips in one, just over 5min long...Phil made a really cool 30min long video but I won't be posting it on the blog. I can only think of four persons that would want such a big dose of Pitts Trips. So if you are a grandparent (to the boys) or you are my sister expect something special in the mail. Anyone else is per request : )

Saturday, May 19, 2012

We Out!

Prob will not feel like posting anything when we get home tonight so goodbye for now! We had a fantastic time : )

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hang Loose

Our last day is halfway over, sniff sniff : ( Took the boys to the zoo this morning and we'll hit the beach one last time after they get up from their naps. I think we'll stay out late : )

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Triplet Discount

We talked a vender into giving us a discount after we saw how much she liked the boys. So our aloha shirt and short combos came at a nice discount! Getting this post out early since Phil and I are going out to a nice dinner after the boys go to bed : )

Some pics at the aquarium today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eli Goes Surfing

Eli tried his hand at surfing with a boogie board, you'll have to wait till we get back for a video : ) He'd stand on the board and when the water came in it would float and Eli would balance on it for a few second before falling off. And I made some calamari today for lunch, yum!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We took the boys out to breakfast and they ate a ton of french toast. Going to a restaurant with triplets is much smoother when you have 4 adults, we actually enjoyed our meals. We spent most of our time at the beach today and I think I'm ready for a day off from it! Phil got stung by a jellyfish, he's ok though but it's not the most comfortable thing that can happen to you. We did a little photo shoot today at sunset but I didn't take any pics with my phone so you'll have to wait till we get back : )

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hanauma Bay

Thanks to the boys uncle Chance and aunt Janet, Phil and I got a baby free morning and afternoon. It was so nice, we spent our time at Hanauma Bay (sp?) snorkling (see pic). The first pic is actually from yesterday.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Water Baby Eli

Aside from the boys waking up at 3:30am (6:30 west coast, their normal wake up time) it was a fantastic day. We set off for the beach at 6am since what else are we to do at the condo at this awful early time of day! All the boys freaked out when they felt the sand under their feet (as expected from their reaction to Sandland back in Portland). It took Eli a good 45 minutes to get used to it and finally step off our bamboo mat and out onto the sand (probably the last of our relaxing on the beach). Phil took him out to the water and he instantly loved it! We couldn't keep Eli away from the water and seemed to have no fear of it, it was back in forth to the water and then back to digging, with his shovel always in hand. Caleb took a bit more coaxing but finally joined Eli after about 1.5 hrs on the bamboo mat prison. Poor Thomas just couldn't let go of his fears as easily and it took him at least three hours before he made his peace with the sand although he's still not real sure of it. The boys played so hard that the minute we loaded them back into the stroller (and Eli on my back) to head back for lunch they fell asleep (it was still only 10am!). They slept for 3.5hrs! I'm hoping this helps them get over their jet lag and will wake up at least no later than 5am. We'll see : )

Here is a picture (not sure what order the pics are in) of Eli sporting an old timey classic beach baby outfit. And some other pics too!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

21 degrees North

That's how far North we are of the equator : )

The first half of the flight went as expected, everything new and exciting. 1 or 2 out bursts but nothing bad, ate tons of snacks followed by lunch, then major 'ants in my pants.' Started to get very nervous because they had no signs of being tired. Some hard rocking put Eli and Thomas to sleep. Had to bring out the big guns for Caleb so i nursed him and he went right to sleep. Big sigh! The second half they just slept...well for about an hour or so then back to wrestling them and keeping them from losing it. The rest of the day went much worse everyone was super tired and cranky but bed time finally came! Took care of some essentials like grocery shopping and come to find out stuff isn't as expensive as I thought it would be. Ready to eat dinner and hit the sack.Tomorrow should be better once we are all well rested : )

Friday, May 11, 2012


The boys are going to bed in their travel outfits, don't they look cute? (Thomas was totally digging his backpack).

It's gonna be a LONG day tomorrow getting to HAWAII!!! Since the boys sleep so dang much I anticipate lots of down time so I intend on updating the blog each day we are there but all I have is my iPhone so it'll be just one or two pics per post till we get back. I'm also not sure how to publish comments so I'll see them but might have to wait till we get back to publish them. Wish us safe travels : )

Sorry the pics aren't being sized correctly, just click on the pics to see them individually (bare with me I'm not very good at technology!)