Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eli's in! (2yr 5mo)

CET 2 years and 5 months!
It's a long one so cozy up!

Potty Training Update

Thomas (1 full week into training)
I started him last Thursday evening and for the last several days has been consistently accident free, if he has one it's usually my fault in some way. He hasn't pooped in the potty yet and is still waking up wet from naps, he stayed dry one time so there is hope, I think. Most of the time he tells me when he has to go, I have to help him pull down/up his undies. When we are out he has no fear of the big potties but I can tell he is distracted so he forgets to tell me he has to go, so I have to remember to take him to the bathroom.

Caleb (4 days into training)
I started him Sunday evening and he's been challenging. He pees a lot in the potty but also has lots of accidents and I sometimes have trouble getting him to sit on the potty. I think he needs a little motivation so I started rewarding him with an m&m. I have to be careful with bribery because it back fired on me once. After three consecutive accidents I tried getting him to pee by telling him I'd give him an m&m if he peed and he started crying because I wouldn't give him any after he didn't pee. So I think we just have to establish a pattern of pee then reward and not talk about it until I see he's peed. Today it seems like something has clicked, I'll elaborate more in a sec. He won't tell me when he has to go so I try to take him to the bathroom every hour or so and he can't pull down his undies but can pull them up.

Eli (3 days into training)
I started him Tuesday after he got potty training envy (thank you Thomas for setting such a good example!). I didn't want to do them all at once and felt that Eli would be the hardest to train, but how could I say no to a child that is telling me he wants to try! I'd be crazy right? He has done remarkably well, pretty much accident free starting on day 2. What's more remarkable is that he even pooped the very first day!!! I made a huge deal and called his brothers over to see the awesomeness that had just occurred. And yes I took a picture of it and no I'll save your last meal and not show it to you. I did text the picture to Phil and he replied  "nice turd." We all saw Eli flush it down the toilet. Yesterday morning he woke up with a poopy diaper and today he has yet to poop so I'm hoping he does it again. Like Caleb he can't pull down his undies but can pull them up.

Needless to say I'm extremely happy with how fast all the boys have made progress, I was certainly not expecting it. I'm not terribly worried about getting them to sleep through the night dry, honestly Phil and I hardly ever get through a night without waking up to pee once, so when they are a little older we'll probably have to get them up once to pee until they can do it on their own. I am fully committed at getting them to at least wake up dry from their naps and using as few diapers as possible. So for now I'm going to limit their drinks before nap time, they eat lunch at 12pm so no more drinks after that. Nap time is at 2pm and we'll stay in underwear unless I can convince them to put on the cloth training pants with an outer vinyl shell that I bought (they don't seem to be too keen on those). Diapers will only be worn at night for bed time.

The little potty's are great, we have four, two green ones, a red one and one of a different brand that looks like a dinosaur. We also have a toilet ring adjuster which I'm keeping in my car along with a potty. So there are three different potty's in the bathroom, thankfully it's worked to my advantage because the boys like to pick which potty they sit on, this helps to distract them if they seem reluctant to sit down. There hasn't been too much fighting over who gets which, and I just tell them to wait if they want to use an occupied potty. Eventually I do want to be able to travel without towing a potty around. Last night at meeting (the 2nd time leaving the house with Caleb and Eli) I brought the toilet ring adjuster so the boys could use the big potty. We went to the bathroom twice, Caleb and Eli both sat on it ok but didn't pee. After the 2nd time both peed their pants within minutes of getting off the toilet. This tells me they are not very comfortable with the big toilet yet. We'll work on this too, Thomas has no issues with the big potty.

Today when I dropped off the boys at nursery school we also brought along 6 pairs of underwear, 6 pairs of pants, and 3 pairs of socks and one of our potty chairs from home. As you can see I expected the worst. Different environment different people, and remember up to this point Caleb is still having lots of accidents. I tried not to stress during my much needed couple of hours to run errands. When I picked them up their teacher had wonderful news, zero accidents and all peed three times during their time at school! This is one proud mama!

We have been pretty much staying at home due to potty training and I'm starting to get cabin fever (I'm sure the boys are as well). We had been getting out a lot before so now we always have a few hours each day where we just run out of fun stuff to do, so consequently we've also have been watching lots of TV. I'm not apologizing for it, it keeps us sane, I figure after we all get comfortable with this we'll start back with our old routines and way less TV!

Some art work the boys brought home from school, not exactly master pieces : )

Monday, February 25, 2013

Star Pupil (Potty Training Progress)

Eli has a new trick
Caleb can do it too : )

they look so different in this picture, am I the only one that see's it? 
Mr. T my star pupil!
Thomas has totally impressed me, he has made so much progress in just 4 short days. It's going better than I could have ever dreamed of! Day one he went in the potty more times than had accidents. Day two he had maybe two accidents tops and we made it to Target and back without incident. Day three ZERO accidents and he even woke up dry after a three hour nap! That day I took him to the grocery store without a problem and then went to meeting later in the day where he used the big potty with the ring adjuster so he doesn't fall in. Day 4 he had one accident but it was my fault. The boy LOVES peeing in the potty, he sit's down in the red potty to pee, when he's done he gets up to dump his pee in the toilet, then flushes. Many times he'll sit back down again but on the green potty and pee's again! Thomas has some serious bladder control and sometimes I don't even have to tell him it's time to go, he just jumps up and yells 'peepee, peepee' and I run after him to help him pull down his undies.

We are no where from done since he still wakes up wet from a full nights sleep and he has yet to poop in the potty. The biggest challenge right now is waking up before he gets up in the mornings (they wake up crazy early!). If he get's up first he'll most likely poop in his diaper and of course it's our only chance of the day to get him to poop in the potty (I feel he's holding back because they all poop 2-3 times a day). Any advice? Not sure what to expect with this one?

When either Caleb or Eli see's Thomas going they start pulling on their diapers because they want to try too which I never have the heart to say no to. I made a big deal once and told the boys to look at how much peepee Thomas had made and Thomas proudly took his pee over to his brothers to show them before he dumped it in the toilet. Eli several days would just sit there but nothing would come out but today he actually went! Caleb went each time I let him try so yesterday I threw him into the potty training ranks. He is not as easy as Thomas since it's a little challenging getting him to sit on the potty, he's at about 50/50, half of the time in the pot the other half is accidents but still not too bad.

Remember how I once said I'd throw them a party if they potty trained before 3? Well it looks like I better start planning! Can it be done, a cake made to look like a potty anyone?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Potty Training pt 4

ECT watching a puppet show, and Thomas hugging the puppet afterwards : )
so many little leggys!

Since my last attempt at potty training I've spent a lot of time thinking (aka stressing out) about this matter. I think about my special soap for diaper covers that just ran out, the last tub I bought lasted me 2 years! But what was I to do, I had to buy another tub, no telling when they'll potty train. I also thought about my diaper covers getting very worn out and not wanting to replace them because they are very expensive! I have also been thinking that our onesies are all looking worn out but we must use them because the cloth diapers will fall off otherwise...I don't want to invest in more onesies either! I don't want to start using disposables either because I want them to feel wet and uncomfortable! Ugh, I just don't want to change diapers anymore!!! I'm sick of it, so dang sick of it! Ahhh!

So I got a notice from the library a few days ago that a book I had put on hold was available for pick up. It's called Diaper Free Before 3 (Lekovic), I chose it only from the title, another book I put on hold is Toilet Training in a Day, who knows when I'll get that one! Why is there such a long hold on this one if everyone is done potty training in one day?! HA! Anyways, so I picked up the book yesterday and pretty much read the entire thing (ok I skipped a lot of stuff) while the boys napped. It talks a lot about how you don't have to wait for 'signs of readiness' (which I like) but you have to start at like 6 months (boo, I'm too late)! Potty training was the last thing on my mind at 6 months, I tell you it really is something that is deeply embedded in culture because who in the US starts potty training at 6 months!? I started feeling down that I had missed the boat already, well I still read on and I must say I really like the book even though in our case I may be too late. A lot of good points are made, looking back at recent history MOST kids were potty trained by 18 months!!! Yes can you imagine 18 months!?! What has happened? The disposable diaper, is what happened! Yes, modern day convenience has us all thinking backwards. At one point formula was thought to have liberated women from the laborious nature of breastfeeding, boy was that wrong! Another good point that was made was that if a kid can speak in full sentences, recite his ABC's, drink from a cup or what have you at the age of 3 then why couldn't he also use the potty? She shares lots of scientific data that shows kids are fully aware of their bladders and bowel movements at a very early age and can control them. I almost want to have another kid to try her methods, almost, hahaha!

So I was feeling a little defeated and back to accepting the fact that I have no other choice than to subscribe to the notions of waiting for 'signs of readiness.' However, I was all pumped up after reading this book that I couldn't help myself from trying again. Thomas is my best bet because lately he has been randomly pointing to his diaper and saying 'peepee, caca' I can't say for sure but I could only guess he was telling me when he was going peepee but still not many other 'signs of readiness.' So when Thomas got up from his nap I sprung it on him, 'do you want to wear big boy undies and use the potty?' He gave me a half smile like 'whatever' and I ran to get a pair of undies for him. So a full 24 hrs later and he has peed in the potty more times than had accidents! It is amazing to see him sit down and pee and know it is intentional! Last time I tried potty training he only went once in the potty all day, and I was taking him to the bathroom every 20 minutes. This time I'm not keeping track of time too well and just trying to take him to the bathroom frequently. I find excuses like 'oh we are about to eat, we need to go use the potty,' and Thomas is being really cooperative and is indulging in the extra attention I'm giving him. No power struggles and in my haste to start this time I completely forgot about a reward system so I guess we'll keep it that way unless we hit a road block. Of course it's only been one day, but compared to last time it's a HUGE success! I can't describe the wonderful feelings going through me right now, it's a kin to the day my babies were born! I'm really hoping another diaper never touches T's bum again, I have no idea what challenges might come up but I really don't want to turn back. I LOATH diapers, especially poopy ones!

So far I think it's really nice to just to concentrate on one boy, I don't feel overwhelmed by all the work involved in cleaning accidents and multiple trips to the bathroom with three rascals in tow. It's peaceful, no fighting over potty's, just me and Thomas getting the job done. I even feel him grip my hand tight when it's time to go to the bathroom like he knows it's just me and him. I really feel good about this, I know Thomas can do it but most importantly Thomas knows he can do it! I don't think I had anything to do with it either, other than to keep testing the waters out every couple of months and filling the boys up with potty training propaganda any chance I get. Once I feel comfortable with Thomas' progress I'll start on the next boy maybe in a week or so. No telling how they'll do, so here goes nothing!

the boy who is on his way to be diaper free forever!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I ended up taking the boys to Spanish story time by myself to let Phil have more time to study. We had to leave a little prematurely on account of not being able to stop coughing, stupid cough. On our way back to the car the boys, out of the blue, decided to pose for me and I was in heaven snapping away!
CET, so happens they lined up in birth order!
I can add another one to my list of 'stupid things people say to me'...notice my reflection in the window, well there is a car behind us that had people in it but I hadn't noticed because I was busy taking pictures of my babies. This guy sticks his head out and says "are those triplets" I say yes they are, then he says "they must be great conversation starters." Yes, that's actually the only reason I keep them around so I can start conversations with creepy guys like you!
On any given day you can find Caleb wearing his Fireman hat and Mr. Potato head  glasses. As of recent he has added a tongue and my slippers to his if he didn't already look ridiculous!
Another creepy lego train by Eli
Transformed! With a #4 on top and #2 on the sides : ) I will miss that beautiful but uncontrollable baby soft hair running through my fingers, but that's the good thing about hair, it grows back!
As if they didn't fight enough already, they have now added 'pushing each others buttons for the shear pleasure of it' to the list of things they do. Notice how T has his foot on the track so as not to let E's train go by!
Gettin cozy with dad
Eli decided wearing his hat normal just wouldn't do : )
Like I mentioned above, Phil had to study for a test so we had a pretty low key weekend. Which was fine by me since I was sick. We gave the boys haircuts and to get them to cooperate this time we put on a cartoon for them to watch and slowly fed them M&M's. It worked pretty well and nobody fussed too bad especially because the boys are now M&M addicts. Not that they get them everyday or anything but they do ask for them a lot. At any mention of them they put their little hands out and very demanding-ly say "M&M!" The power of candy is evident, like nothing else! I will be using this to my advantage, hahaha (insert mad scientist laugh)!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

Nothing too exciting to post today, it was a lame week the boys were sick. Nothing terrible just annoying. Now I'm sick too, not feeling great, boo hoo : (
Anyways, happy friday! Hope you all have a great weekend, I think I might give the boys haircuts, other than that nothing planned : )

Caleb at the park today. The day was absolutely gorgeous and even though I didn't feel 100% it was great to be outside and soak up some sun : )
On Tuesday the boys got to admire an ambulance and fire truck from the comfort of their living room

Monday, February 11, 2013


Multnomah Falls: Fun Saturday in the Columbia River Gorge
The boys were pretty impressed this time around, they all started yelling 'agua agua!' as soon as they saw the waterfall  
Caleb got a kiss from a 2 mo old puppy : )
BEST DAY EVER! Train up close, the day couldn't get any better,
the boys kept waving and saying 'bye choo choo, bye choo choo' : )  
Since they love talking about M&M's we thought we'd treat them to their very first M&M's! 
One bag doesn't go very far when you have to split it three ways!
That might be a good thing though : ) 
ETC, do you remember this bench?
CET, last time we were here, around 9 month old!
Hard to believe they've become these big boys!
CET, how did I ever live with all this cuteness without dying of cuteness overload!!!  
Bonneville Dam, no fishies going up the fish ladder behind the boys : (
From today's playtime at the indoor park : )
 So it's up to three different person's now that have asked me if those are my boys in 'that Sprint commercial,' apparently there is a set of id triplets that are or look like my boys on there. The commercial was seen on Spanish television and supposedly it's one of many pictures shown on the commercial. If it is us I'm sure it's not a picture from my blog since I watermark all my pics but am wondering, with all of Instagram's privacy policy changes if one of my pictures got ripped off from there? After spending an hour online watching Sprint commercials, I could not find said commercial (most are in English and only saw one in Spanish). I don't really care if it was used or not but I just want to know! I at least have a right to know, right? So crazy! If anyone out there has seen it please let me know what you think (is it us or not?).

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hermit Crabs

The boys love to use things for unintended purposes, for example, they ride on their Tonka trucks. Their giant cloth diaper butts are way too big for it but somehow they manage to squeeze in there. They are quite limber in those things they scoot all over the house in them and even spin donuts at lighting fast speeds. I can't help but think they look like hermit crabs on crack in them!

Fire chief hermit crab (Caleb)
C again
The gang
The other day at the park Caleb thought 45 degrees was too hot for shoes...crazy Oregonians! 
CTE, at the children's museum

Thomas has deemed red as his favorite color, if red is a choice we'll undoubtedly choose it! We must let him choose first or we'll be in trouble, thank goodness the other two could care less! Eli on the other hand seems to have laid off the yellow, but if anyone asks I still say his fav color is yellow : )

It must be a part of the terrible two's but Thomas lately has become super particular. Only mom can change his diaper and clothes, if he must hold hands with someone it can only be dad's, dad can put him in the car but only mom can buckle him up, etc etc etc. Down right ridiculous!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Off to the zoo to meet Lily!

Eating lunch while waiting for our friend K to arrive
TCE and buddy Oz
T doing his cheeky handsome look

We finally got to see her, soooo stinking cute! 

one of the boys favorite spots at the zoo, the photo booth area, weirdo's! 
TCE, Caleb pointing into the air after hearing the lion roar (a recording you hear as you go into the lion area) 
The wagon had no problem with all four boys in it!
Oz didn't look too comfortable but at least he was having fun : ) 
T taking the boys for a ride
We've been waiting and waiting to see the new baby elephant Lily. We went two weeks after they started letting the public see her but the line was an hour long! So over a month later here we are again, and what happens? We see her but she's sleeping! Argh! So we let the kids play in the lawn for a while and check back to see Lily up and going, she is too sweet! I love her : ) 

Congregation Fiesta!

The boys had a lot of fun and did a little dancing
Eli did some break dancing
Caleb and I
Eli eating his drumstick like a man!
Someone (I have no idea who) gave Eli a drumstick, come to find out the boy LOVES chicken! 
This picture is blurry because it's a picture of Caleb's dreams!