Friday, September 28, 2018


The boys preemie clothes next to a new born sleeper.
I can't believe they were ever that small!
They will always be my babies!
Even 8 years later and I still feel like Thomas in this picture, haha!
Raising triplets is no walk in the park, ha!
We had picture day recently, lets hope this year went better than last year, haha!
Boy the years just keep flying by like an out of control train! My kids should not be this old, eight is crazy! Life with these bozos (a term of endearment we've recently adopted, ha!) is hectic, frantic, loud, busy and wild. They play constantly, they fight constantly, and complain constantly. So yeah life is pretty age appropriate right now. They can be pretty sweet and snugly too, even to each other! After a fun summer we are settling down to a new school year. 2nd grade is going well and we finally have homework this year. I'm not a fan of homework at their age but its been really bearable, only 20 minutes of reading everyday. I'm already seeing so much improvement and a love of reading is starting to develop. We don't allow screen time Monday through Thursday. I secretly regretted making this a rule during kindergarten and 1st grade but now I see them entertaining themselves so much better this year. I guess it was worth it after all. As terrible as I've made them sound they are actually pretty good little dudes, just age appropriate acting out, we have to keep readjusting them. I've heard 8 is another emotional age, oh boy, they are already so emotional! Here we go again with the terrible threes. At least this time I was warned unlike when I celebrated when two was over but the worst was yet to come!

This years' obligatory couch photo!