Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Big Move (7 Yr 8 Mo)

CET are 7 years and 8 months old!
First mirthday pic at our new house : )
By pure coincidence they all wore yellow the other day, had to snap a pic, ha!
The boys performed a Mexican folkloric dance at school last week.
It was so cute!
Right about a month ago we were loading up the U-haul to move to our new house. As you can imagine it was sooo much work! We had a 15 foot truck and we filled it up 4 times! I cannot believe how much junk you can accumulate in 11 years (and we had been purging so much the entire year leading up to this). We had a couple of guy friends help us move which we are very grateful for because I don't think Phil and I could have done it by ourselves. We had an interesting first three weeks in the house. Since we couldn't see what was under the carpets and vinyl flooring we couldn't schedule the wood floor re-finishers. As soon as we took possession of the house we tore into floors to uncover the beautiful original oak floors that had been preserved so well under layers of gross carpet and laminate. They would be a piece of cake for the floor guys but they were about 3 weeks out. We moved all our crap into the attic, basement and garage. You can imagine the chaos of not having a dinning room table or comfy couch to relax on after work and not to mention being trapped in one room with your noisy kids. In the mean time we painted and painted and then painted some more (and still not finished). One weekend we had a gracious friend who came from California to help Phil lay down a new tile floor in the kitchen/dinning room (it looks amazing). When the wood floors were done we had to stay out of the house for two days because of the toxic fumes. With only a days notice we booked a creepy and depressing motel to stay at, ugh! It was a long time coming but FINALLY we could really move into our new house! Its been so fun decorating although our new house is so different from our old house. We are finding out that a lot of our stuff just doesn't work for us now. My head is all over the place trying to figure out what we need and what we should get rid of. So many details and I just need to take it one thing at a time. We have soooo many projects ahead of us, the next one after we get settled in and finally finish painting is working on the boys big basement room. Currently the boys are in a room only slightly bigger than their last one but the plan this summer is to add an egress window in the basement so we can build out a big room for the kids to spread out in. Other projects in the queque include remodeling the kitchen, the backyard (its a mess), basement family room, and adding a third bathroom for the basement. We will be sweating it out for the next few years, yikes! Hoping to post before and after pics soon!

Here is a video of the boys performance, C&E are on opposite sides and T shows up later in the second round (there were not enough girls for all the boys...this reiterates that 2010/11 were the years for boys to be born, I remember the boys preschool class only had 1 girl and 11 boys, ha!).