Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank You

I took Eli shopping with me yesterday and he was such a good helper. I handed him everything we were going to buy and he would toss it into the cart. You can see how he does it in this video and also see how Eli can sign 'thank you.' (in case you are not familiar with baby sign language you just touch your mouth and then extend your arm out).

Friday, April 27, 2012

19 mo! (oh crap! #21)

I can't believe in less than six months I'll have three 2 year olds...that's much scarier than three newborns!

 The boys can sit down on the back of their dump truck, I like to give them rides around the backyard in it : )

They look like old men in these outfits, fat bellies and silly clothes


Baby Updates

Want to review all the signs the boys know so far: more, no more (all done), book, thank you, gentle and eat. Some of these they use appropriately without being asked, some they do only when I ask them to, and Caleb still only uses signs when I think he's a lost cause and then he surprises me by using them in the most appropriate way (he recognizes them all, has physically done them all on occasion but chooses to be stubborn). I nixed 'share' for now because when ever I need to demonstrate it they are in a fighting frenzy and won't look at me. Would rather work on 'milk' and need to find a sign for 'snack' and 'diaper.'

Just yesterday Eli comes up to me with his straw cup almost empty of milk and hands it to me, I tell him, "why don't you drink more?" With a look of concern on his face he signs 'all done' followed by the sign for 'more.' So stinking smart and cute! I quickly filled up his cup : )

Keep forgetting to mention that I dropped another breastfeeding session about a month ago, so I only nurse twice a day now. Two times for Caleb morning and night, once for Eli in the morning, and once for Thomas at night. I have my eye set for 21 months just because its evenly divisible by three! Unless someone decides to wean on their own I'm setting the official weaning date for 21 months. I can no longer nurse them in front of their brothers, just too much jealousy, they all flip out because they all want to nurse at once. So that's the real reason I dropped the 'before nap' breastfeeding, can't do it by myself anymore (Phil is home in the morning and before bedtime). I hate double nursing because they fight like crazy so I don't do it anymore, they don't like to be touched by their brothers while they nurse but I can (weirdos). 

Here is a funny antidote, Eli tends to hoard his snacks. When he gets down to the last gold fish he'll put it in and take it out of his snack cup for a while before he just can't resist anymore and pops it in his mouth. When he gets his graham cracker down to the size of a quarter he just holds on to it for a good half hour before he forgets about it and drops it on the floor without realizing it. Silly kid!

Oh Crap! moment #21
 Outside of the shed

Inside of the shed, notice hole and chair (they are baby deterants aside from knowing they are not to go in there!)

Eli holding sharp sheers next to his toes!

You should watch this video because it's real...

What do I do when all three are crying at once?

Lets end on a high note with an extra special triple dose of sweetness!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cool Kicks

The boys want to show off their cool kicks while playing with some costco goods

I love these little one piece rompers, they will wear theirs as much as possible. Even if I could find them in bigger sizes I don't think these are socially acceptable past the age of 3 : (

 My view from breakfast a couple days ago

 there's always room for one more hyena!

how do I keep them off the table?!

Here is a really cute video of Thomas cracking up...little kids laugh at the most random things : )

I added a bunch more pictures from the tulip festival if anyone is interested in seeing them. There is a link on the right side bar that says "more pictures."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Future Cuteness

Nothing cuter than little boys in flannel, I'll make sure they always have a set to wear!

 My sister with the double

 So I needed a single stroller for our upcoming trip to Hawaii and found this one for $10 at our local multiples resale. Can you believe up until now I didn't even own a single stroller! It really felt so weird pushing it, so light like the stroller was just going to fly away from me. Phil said it felt so normal! I'm usually either pushing all three in the joovy or carrying one on my back and pushing two in the double stroller.



Serious Baby Faces




 now lets get happy again!

Thomas and I

 what's so interesting?

Anything covered with Mexican hotsauce and pure lime juice is crazy delicious! I made some sliced cucumbers this way for my sister and I to enjoy and come to find out the boys loved it! I'm used to eating spicy and I my nose was all runny cause I was so spiced out but the boys even drank the juice! (my favorite part as well)

Baby Updates

The boys and I had a great visit with my sister! We did lot's of fun things. It was nice one day to drop the boys off at school and hang out for a couple of hours just the two of us. It was their first day where I wasn't going to be with them the whole time. I could tell the boys recognized their classroom because right away they started playing and didn't cling to me like the first time. When no one was looking my sister and I snuck off. I looked in from outside a couple minutes later and they were all at the table eating breakfast as happy as can be. Thanks guys I can tell you really missed me! I think it would have been a different story if they were all by themselves since they always seem more relaxed when their brothers are with them. I think they find comfort from each others presence.

Caleb has quite the pitchers arm, he can really chuck things pretty far away. I wonder when we'll have our first broken window!

When I ask the boys what sound a snake makes Eli and one other boy (can't remember) say 'sssss.' They all know how to 'moooo' like a cow as well : )

There are always things I miss, so better late than never. I failed to mention that since the boys were like 10months old (definitely well before the age of 1) they've been able to give killer high fives. I didn't even have to teach them, they just knew what to do when they saw my hand and I yelled 'high five!' We need to work on handshakes now.

Prepare for some future cuteness!

I gave my mom a tall order of full cowboy(vaquero) outfits for the boys while she was vacationing in Mexico. Miraculously she came back with everything I asked for even the cowboy neck ties! The belts are being custom made as we speak at the famous El Recodo ranch in mexico : ) The outfits should fit around the age of 3 so that gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself for some serious cuteness! Oh man I can't wait, Pendleton round up here we come!

These will be meeting shoes as well, way cooler than lame black shiny shoes!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Triplets and Tulips

ECT, at first they weren't so happy of their where abouts...

but its nothing Goldfish couldn't cure!

We figured if someone fell off it was on soft ground so we brought the wagon along, so much funner than the stroller but a couple inches taller and I don't think they'll all fit : (

Boy did we get a lot of attention! 

Best picture of the day : )

Look they even drink identically!

A rare family picture, you take what you can get these days

My monkeys were getting hot (oops forgot to coordinate the onesies too)!


I am man, I eat meat! (Vienna sausages)

 I bathe only once a week!

 I eat dirt against my mother's wishes and it tastes GOOD!

Just kidding! but not really

Eli and pops


Baby Updates

I have lots of new things to report, not that anything is all that new but I just haven't remembered to write about it! Ok so here goes...

The boys seem to be a little more receptive at trying new signs, they now can sign 'book' and 'eat' but they still aren't real consistent with these so we need more practice. We are working on 'thank you' and 'share' now. 

The boys can point out several body parts when asked and can pick things out of books and point to them when I ask. They are on the verge of knowing their colors I think because just today Caleb pointed out something red when I asked him to. These skills have improved a lot ever since I started giving them full access to their books (mostly the ones I don't care about as much). They are still pretty destructive with them and I have taped back several books but it's nothing like before when they wouldn't even look at the pictures and just attacked them. They are so cute now because they love their books and are constantly bringing them to me so I can read to them. When I open up a book they immediately start pointing at things haphazardly. 

Caleb jumped for the very first time, not just fake jumped but both feet actually left the ground at the same time! He was so happy and proud of himself : )

I think when you have triplets you just try to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible and rarely even think to experiment with new things that your kids might be capable of doing (like eating with utensils, which they all now LOVE to do). I never quite knew when it was age appropriate to get the boys into a regular habit of washing their hands before they eat. But now that they regularly play outside they get soooo dirty that I just couldn't procrastinate any longer. To my surprise they really like it and run right to the sink when I call them to wash their hands. The only tough part is that they can't reach the faucet even with a step stool so I have to use a cup to rinse their hands off. 

I quickly learned the importance of play clothes as well and designated three pairs of matching pants, three pairs of unmatching shoes, and three pairs of unmatching jackets as play clothes. I unintentionally assigned the boys each a pair of shoes and a jacket and now they can all pick out which one is their's and most of the time they bring me the right shoes or jacket out of the big pile of play clothes to put on them before we go out to play. 

Like I mentioned before, the boys really like eating with utensils and especially when they get bowls or plates. I think forks are much easier to use than spoons so we use those a lot more. I would like them to try out real cups but all we have are big glasses so I need to get out to Ikea and get some little plastic tumblers (someday I guess). 

The boys piggy banks are getting pretty full so I thought it would be a good idea to get them Strider bikes (balance bikes w/o pedals) for the summer. They are really cool because kids will learn to balance on them and may be able to transition onto big boy bikes hopefully skipping those dumb training wheels. After researching them a bit even at the lowest seat position they are too big for my shorties. It's too bad because I think they'd be totally capable of zooming around on those things. So unless they can grow another inch by summer they might have to wait until next spring for them, although it might be nice if their piggy banks were a little fuller than they are now : ) It might also give me more time to see if I can get three different colors instead of three bikes in the same old boring color. Sometimes they could care less but other times they can be real picky over colors, especially Eli!