Sunday, August 30, 2015

4 yrs and 11 mo!

CET are 4 years and 11 months old!
Love this picture better but Eli's hands are all blurry : (
They have so much fun together,
two's company but three's a party!
I love Thomas' expression!
My proverbial monkeys
We went to a wedding that evening : )
My boys never shy away from a dance floor!
The boys all ate SO MUCH food, I still can't believe it!
Papi with Thomas

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Flying Toddlers

This post is a follow up to my Flying Babies post 4 years ago : )

The Fields park in downtown Portland
Thomas had the best form : )
Couldn't get enough
Caleb was so snugly : )
Portlandia came to film on our street last week! The airstream was Carrie Brownstein's, we saw her walking around a lot (although each time I wasn't fast enough with my camera), it was so cool. I never saw Fred Armisen but Phil has seen him enough times around Portland that it makes up for me not seeing him, ha! I can't wait to see the episode!
This summer Portland has seen the most 90+ degree days on record, it's been hot!
The most pampered goat ever!
All the boys have a few freckles on their faces but Thomas only has them on his right side : )
I've promised the boys we'd get them a nice cat "like this one" this winter.
I think I'm the most excited though : )

Monday, August 24, 2015

Camping 2015

We camped near Crater Lake at a really nice spot by the river!

There was an outdoor logging museum near our camp ground that was really neat!
In front of Mater, haha!
Snack break
Genuine smiles : )
Papi and Caleb
Fun with glow sticks!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Crater Lake

On our way to go camping we stopped at Crater Lake (in Oregon). For those who don't know the lake sits on top of a volcano that blew it's top off several thousand years ago. Its also the deepest, clearest and cleanest lake in America. And it was breath taking!
Crater Lake, Oregon, USA
Wizard Island
It was so cold!
Eli, Thomas and Caleb on top of a volcano!
Thomas looking so handsome
Caleb, too sunny to open his eyes
Eli, clearly it's too bright!
with papi
The rare family picture, yay!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Brightly Colored Boys!

I love having triplets, they are like my blank canvas that I can paint with as many colors as possible! 
Eli at Oaks Park
Riding the frog jumper
Eli popping a wheelie!
Ready for Wednesday night meeting 
Caleb and his brothers love the tree swings Phil built,
we started with one but we had to put two more in!
The boys played for hours with this simple piece of rope,
its true what they say, kids don't really need fancy toys!
Little Monkey
At the top!
Friday night playing pool and representing grumpy cat =^..^=
More bright colors!
Silly Eli

Monday, August 10, 2015

Beach Day

Last weekend was so hot in Portland that we thought it'd be a good to go to the cooler coast!
Eli and his buddy Oz
Thomas and Eli
Not fast enough!
We found several live crabs!
Several weeks ago our friends, the M family, took the boys to see the new Minion movie!
The boys are crazy about the Minions, they must relate to them, ha!
The end of swim classes!
The boys have made so much progress in this last round of swim classes. They fully submerge underwater now and Thomas is even doing canon balls into the pool. Check out their new found skills...