Monday, July 12, 2010


Phil's aunt Candy and cousin Jason drove up from Davis to deliver our new minivan! A sister from our old congregation in Davis generously donated it to us. It is one of the nicest things anyone could do for us and we are soooooo grateful, not only does it save us a ton of cash it also saves us from the hassle of buying a used car which we were already stressing about when the offer was made. I must add the van is a pretty sweet ride especially because of the little VHS playing TV which will help entertain the boys on long road trips. We already went out and bought some kid movies from the goodwill.

Everyone has been so generous giving us car seats, tons of clothes, bouncy chairs, swings, advice and support. Phil and I would like to thank everyone, we really appreciate it.

The pictures atop, I'm sure you can guess, are of the minivan. One is of my sister and I, she stopped by for a quick visit on her way back from visiting her in-laws. There's also a picture of Candy and Jason volunteering for a demonstration at the Bonneville Dam visitor's center.



Jonalyn said...

Yay, you got it! Welcome to the minivan club. :) You guys look great!

Anonymous said...

So glad you have the minivan now. Candy and Jason keep talking about what they did up there. I think Candy really enjoyed the change of pace and the joy of being with both of you. Janet I enjoy both of the photos. You and Phil looking so ready to be Mommy and Daddy, and the very sweet one of you and Aricely. Please excuse my spelling.---------Trips Grandma