Tuesday, June 3, 2014


It's a good thing we didn't have an eventful weekend because I still have pictures from the previous weekend to share! Monday (memorial day) we went to the waterfront downtown, I always forget how much fun it is just to walk around down there : )
TEC, we parked on the east side of the river. 
We walked over one of the bridges, and we were all just a little freaked out
We checked out the Canadian geese with their babies in tow, they always come to this spot to hatch their eggs.
Thomas and Phil
CET, we also checked out the boats at the dock
Eli looks like he's about to tell a joke
The boys look like they are about to breakdance : )
It would be a great background if it wasn't for that makeshift house boat that's taken up temporary residence there!
Checking out the drawbridge, here comes the Portland Spirit!
All that walking worked up an appetite so we set off to Koifusion, for some korean burritos (they are amazing) but they were closed. So we settled on some good ol americana fare where Eli thought up the brilliant idea of a french fry shish kabab!

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nan cee said...

Interesting and fun trip for all. Did the boys feed the geese? All the years I lived up there I never thought there was so many things to see and places to go!
Love to you all,