Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Personalities 5.0


We call him our round headed wonder, he's the easiest to pick out because his head shape is different from his brothers'. He is a real goof ball and loves to be the funny one. Still laid back and the only one that doesn't sweat the small stuff. Takes his time with most things but especially eating, the boy loves to savor what he's eating! When he's being silly or cheeky he does these duck lips that are so funny, they make me want to squeeze him immediately! When he gives up or is feeling defeated over something he'll lower his shoulders and hang his arms down and walk away (it's pretty funny to see). This happened about a year ago but one day out of the blue he tells me worriedly "Awww mami, how I can carry the big pichoo-pichoo (their made up word for gun)?!" The kid must have been day dreaming, I guess! Their love of weaponry is less than desired to say the least, mom-of-boys problems! Caleb's fashion sense is that of a college frat boy on a school day. He'll just grab the first t-shirt he finds in the drawer, throw on some sweat pants and flip-flops and he's good to go. He's a man of leisure and comfort!

A good demonstration of Caleb's fashion sense
Caleb doing his shoulder thing, sorry for the blurry face
Caleb has always pulled off the cool kid look
This picture cracks me up!
Caleb doing his duck lips face while playing around with a silly ipad app

Eli is a real sweet boy that loves to snuggle. He's a really smart kid too. The other day I tested the boys on their sight words after at least a couple of months with out practice and Eli knew 10+ more words that his brothers, which is impressive considering we have only ever worked on about 2 dozen words. He also caught on to the value of money first and even asked, all by him self, if he could do chores to earn money. Eli is a motor mouth and he never stops talking. I find myself telling him several times a day to please just take a break from talking for a while, "you're driving me crazy!" When he's trying to be cute he makes his mouth go crooked and he does look pretty cute doing it. He also loves explaining things, the other day driving home I over heard him saying this to his brothers, "When we two, we use baby spoons. When we three, we use baby spoons. When we four, we use baby spoons. Now we five, we use big boy spoons!" Not sure where he got all this from because they are still using the same old plastic Ikea kid spoons, unless they are all dirty then I give them just regular spoons. Eli gets all his fashion sense from Thomas, he always comments "Thomas looks super cute mami!" So he tends to copy Thomas but a lot of the time he doesn't really care what he's wearing.
Don't you just love this alligator that Eli drew!
I've been really loving the kid art lately (I'll post more samples soon!)
Eli being sweet with his kitty and puppy
Eli starting to do that crooked mouth thing when he's trying to be cute while talking to you.

Mr. T is quite the character, he is if anything a passionate boy. Passionate out pretending he's a police officer that is. He pretty much lives in his policeman get-up. He piles as much stuff on himself as he can to achieve the look and feel of a police officer (it gets a little ridiculous sometimes). And he'll gladly go out in public looking this way too! Aside from his love of law enforcement he also loves to draw and is always learning to draw new things. He is a serious boy and can play very well by himself. If anyone is off doing his own thing, 7 times out of 10 it's Thomas. Sometime after 4 am he joins us in bed, it's just enough time to give his dad a bad nights rest from all the squirming and kicking he likes to do in his sleep. I'm such a heavy sleeper that when I finally wake up I have him right there to snuggle first thing in the morning. Thomas can be a little dense at times and does some pretty clumsy things. Phil and I have an ongoing joke that he's so clumsy because he's too busy thinking about his next outfit. Thomas changes his clothes like 3-4 times a day and I swear I wouldn't have half the laundry we do if it wasn't for Thomas constantly changing. Thomas always tells me "I'm going to pick my own clothes and I'm going to look super cute mami." He has really good fashion sense so I pretty much let Thomas pick out his clothes and then I dress the other two accordingly since they still don't really care what they wear. When Thomas gets mad or frustrated at me he likes to say "ok silly mami!" as if it were an insult, ha!
My little Fashionista Thomas.
He picked this out all by himself!
Police Officer Thomas
A close up of the gear, homemade binoculars and handcuffs, a plastic radio, and a plastic baton.
He also usually has a set of keys clipped on too, ha!
Even when the sun isn't in his eyes Thomas (middle) always has this grimace on his face. His teacher last year asked about this because she was worried he was in pain or something but I told her that's just Thomas' look : )

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