Monday, October 17, 2016

Cyclocross Race

Phil found out about a cyclocross race in town that also included a little kids race just for fun. We thought the boys would love to participate in it. Phil got them all pumped up about it and took them on extra bike rides to train for it, ha! One day a neighbor saw the boys on their bikes and asked them if they were going on a bike ride and Eli quickly responded "no we're training!" Hahaha!
Before the race
Ready, set, go!
As fast as lightning!
Caleb cruising around the bend
In cyclocross you have to carry your bike over obstacles
The boys showing off their wooden medals!
Eli was a little perturbed that everyone won.
He said next time he wanted to do a race with only one winner, ha!
Later that weekend we went mushroom picking with some friends who taught us the ropes. 
Eli was really good at spotting them!
We picked several pounds of chanterelle  mushrooms and split them between our friends and us.
Unlike their mother the boys LOVE mushrooms and couldn't eat enough of them!
Caleb "helping" fix our porch steps : )
Pretend play has never looked so cute!
The boys hardly take them off and are always having epic light saber battles : )

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nan cee said...

The bike race looked like fun for them. Sorry Eli didn't come in as the only winner, but then all the others would have felt bad. The real race (for life) there will be lots of winners and everyone will be very happy! Mushroom hunting, I am not sure about but we use to go when I was kid. Usually came home with poison oak but the mushrooms were good.
Sending my love,