Sunday, January 28, 2018

Freaky Mirrored Cavities (7yr 4mo old!)

CET are 7 years and 4 months old TODAY!
These mirthday pics are a bit of a curse now because I just can't stop taking them!
88 so far. When will I stop? Nobody knows!
Thomas won a prize at school : )
Friends since preschool!
Freaky Mirrored Cavities (read below), ha!
When I was pregnant I had read about mirrored twins and thought "cool I hope mine are mirrored too!" And if anyone doesn't know what mirrored twins are, Wikipedia says they are "identical (mono-zygotic) twins who have reverse asymmetric features." For example one would be right handed while the other would be left handed. Well when they were born I could exactly tell which hand they preferred. They did however have one very distinct difference that made me think aha! they just might be mirrored. Caleb and Thomas had cowlicks on opposite sides of their heads. But then Eli had two, what the heck!? When they started getting teeth Caleb got them on one side and the other two got them on the opposite side although I don't think it was for each tooth so this added to the confusion. Fast forward to when they started drawing, ALL RIGHT HANDED! That crushed my mirrored twin hopes, ha! 

What's freaky is that a couple months ago, I take them in to a dental check up and they all have one cavity each. Eli and Thomas on one side and Caleb on the opposite side....on the SAME EXACT TOOTH!!! 

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nan cee said...

Maybe you should research for "mirrored" triplets instead of twins! Sorry about the cavities :(