Monday, April 18, 2011

My Two Nannies

For a whole week I had two full time nannies 24/7. They entertained babies, bathed them, changed diapers, cleaned, and cooked all my childhood favorites. All I did was nurse and tickle baby toes. At night they brought me babies to nurse and I slept the rest of the time. Who are they and how much were they paid you ask??? I'll start off by saying I paid them $0.00! You probably already figured it out by the pictures since we look a lot alike but it was my mom and sister : )

My sister had not yet met the boys. She was very anxious to meet them since she planned on coming in Feb but had to cancel because of the flu. I should also add that my sister has a fear of flying and the last time she flew was as a child about 20years ago. But pictures and videos of the boys convinced her to use all her strength to overcome her fear. I'm confident to say she wasn't disappointed.

I picked them up from the airport late one night and warned them not to wake anyone up. Caleb was sleeping in one of the rooms by himself and to my mom and sisters delight he was already stirring when we arrived back at the house around midnight. I turned on the lights and the first thing my mom said was "que gueros!" literal translation "how white" but really she meant 'how caucasian' looking he was. Yes the boys are white male versions of myself.

We did all the family favorites, chatted about the latest family gossip, lounged around in pajamas and watched movies based on real life, took a walk in the mall, and ate delicious food my mom made (I wised up this time and wrote down some family recipes that I'm sure will impress future guests when I try them on my own). They even went with me to the boys 6mo check up and endured the torture of shots right along with me.

Of course time flew by as it always does. My mom kept saying to the boys "no matter how much I kiss you now when I leave it will be as if I never kissed you at all." She took a pair of the boys dirty socks to smell when she misses them. The boys do not have sweet baby smelling feet, they sweat like crazy and leave their socks half soaked and stinky when I get them out of their jumping chair. So I know she really loves them and will miss them dearly.
I will miss them too : (

I'd also like to add that just as I suspected the boys have made the growth charts had they been full term on their birth date. At their check up we found out that Thomas made the 5th percentile, Caleb 2/3rd and Eli about 1st percentile, they are now at a normal weight for a 6.5 month old baby. They are growing like champs!

Two weeks ago I noticed Eli and Thomas eye-ing my food so I ran with it and they've been eating solids once a day ever since. Besides rice cereal we've tried bananas, sweet potatoes and avocado. Their favorite I think is avocado followed by sweet potatoes. Today we try peaches! I have some trouble getting them to drink water though, they don't quite know what to do with the sippy cup and when they get water to come out the just spit it right out.

Check out their sippy cups, I chose Avent bottles because they can become sippy cups and baby food storage containers later on.

Eli helping pops paint

Disclaimer: No babies were injured in the filming of these videos.

I found them like this just a couple of minutes after I had put them facing each other on their tummies. This probably happened a lot in the womb and is why it took him a while to start fussing.

Ants in their pants or just too much energy!


Aracely said...

OMG!! I enjoyed the boys immensely! And yes I agree with matter how much I kiss them and snuggle them its never enough!! Love my boys!! I miss you guys soo much already..looking forward to seeing you all in Aracely

Sara said...

There's nothing like being nurtured by Mom! Adding a sister is even better!

Myra said...

I love the vid of the one them getting kicked in the head... :)

Jonalyn said...

So all it took to get your sister on a plane was to have triplets? They just get cuter every day!! Don't know which vid I like better ... getting kicked in the head or the boys enjoying music.

Tati said...

8th picture down. oh. my. gosh.

Sue said...

Well, all three of you had such a wonderful time together. Janet I am so glad you finally were able to get hours of continuous quality sleep!
I always feel the same way as your mom and Aracely in that I can never squeeze or kiss the boys enough because when I leave it is like I never did it. What precious pictures of them with their Auntie and Mama Elda.
I agree with Tati about the 8th picture down.

nan cee said...

Love the pictures and the videos! Looks like Eli may become a painter like his papa or join his brothers and be a dancing group. How cute they are. It was so nice for you and Phillip to have 24-7 Nannies!
My love to you all,

Jessica said...

I am out of it baby-wise. What physical force is keeping those boys in those chairs? Is it just plain old baby fat, or are there hidden suction cups? All this new-fangled baby gear is a hoot.