Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day in the Sun

three lil' bears

The last few days I had been noticing that the boys were looking kind of bored and wouldn't get very excited about their toys. I think they needed a change in scenery.

After having record breaking continuous days of rain we had a much needed sun break. On Friday no rain was predicted but it was overcast that morning. I went outside to see if it was very cold, felt like maybe low 60's. This is sweater weather in my book although in Portland people start wearing shorts when it's in the 60's and head for the pool when it hits 70, CRAZY! Growing up in California I would add at LEAST ten degrees before shorts or the pool is considered. So I put the boys in there bear suits to stay warm and we went to the backyard, which now looks like a jungle. The boys were funny in the light breeze because they would get a little choked up by it. I wanted them to check out their new surroundings but instead they just stared at their hands or at each other. All in all it was a nice change and I think they enjoyed it.

Later that day one of my BFF's came over and we walked to a park near our house. The sun was now peaking through the clouds but still a little on the cool side so I dressed the boys in pants, a sweater, shoes, and a sun hat. By the time we made it to the park the boys were down to their onesies and pants. It was down right sunny and warm! I had never been to this park and am now really excited about it, it has big shady trees, a great play ground, and a wading pool with something that I think shoots out water from the middle of it (I'm hoping they turn it on in the summer). I can see us coming here a lot.

The boys were really cute in the swings. They acted real cool and nonchalant but I could tell they really liked them. Lately the boys have seemed really big to me but when I saw them in the swings it was just the opposite. They are still little babies!

By the time we made it back home I felt like I had just worked out. Pushing around a big stroller with an additional 45 pounds in it for half a mile did a number on my weak bed rested muscles. That will change after this summer : )

Caleb laughing funny


Myra said...

what great pics! They look so cute in the swings! :)

nan cee said...

These are the sweetest little bears I have ever seen! They look so cute in their bear suits and you Janet, are looking great! The boys do look big until you see them in the swing. Changes things to tiny! You are doing a great job and I can only imagine how you must feel at the end of the day. I just may have to enter the card contest for May with the theme of MOM. I have an exhausted looking woman in a chair and I can enter on behalf of a mother with 6 month old triplets! Thanks for the inspiration!
Love to you all,
A. Nancy

Amber Seah said...

Their whatcha-ma-callit chairs are so brightly coloured against the ground they look like they are floating.

They really look chilled after their outing. I'm all for forgetting the dishes and dirty floors and heading outside for cloud watching and leaf inspecting. Things outside are so much more interesting to touch and taste.

It is a toss up whether it is more soothing to Mom or babies.

Janet said...

My study has a super cute year old son named Qiqi and he has a panda outfit. Wish I could see all the little bears together. I sure miss the babies!

Jonalyn said...

Your little bears are just adorable! Love the video of Caleb laughing. :)

Angela said...

Such adorable bears!