Saturday, July 30, 2011

Walking Soon? (10mo!)

That's not a trout, that's a baby silly!

The last several days the boys have been experimenting with letting go and balancing on their own two feet. Caleb does it the best then Eli and Thomas has done it only a few times. But I think Thomas has a plan, since he's Mr. Confidence, he's probably is just waiting it out a bit more. Caleb is really fun to watch because he'll stand up, let go and then giggle and laugh the whole time he's standing, it's like he's getting a rush doing it. All the boys will take a step or two to the left or to the right while they are holding onto something (like the couch or their fence). They don't seem to really know what they are doing when I hold their hands and try to get them to walk forward. Sometimes they take a couple of steps and other times they just want to go back to crawling. So I'm not sure what this means but maybe they are getting close to walking soon...but I guess we'll see. I walked at 10 months and Phil walked at I believe 12 months so I'm interested to see when they'll actually start walking.

I've also started to notice that the hair on the back of their heads is starting to curl a little. I'm thinking they might inherit Phil's big loose curls. I'm very excited, I've always wanted a little boy with big curls so that I could let it get real long and see it bouncing as they played. I hope to let it get long enough to almost start offending people before cutting it : )
Caleb loves climbing things, once they can get themselves onto the couch I'm in trouble!

Thomas making new sounds and being silly


nan cee said...

My how time flies! Already 10 months and seems like just a few months ago they arrived! Well, probably not to you. Boy are you going to have fun when they start walking! Get your running shoes out! Love the videos. They are so adorable that it is hard not to keep coming back to your web to watch and look at pictures!
My love to you all,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

How cute is Caleb! (I'm assuming that's him in the video, totally thrilled that he's standing.) I guess crawling didn't hold their attention too long, so they're working on walking now. :)

Sue said...

Loving your blog and videos. Glad you like the red hats I bought the boys, they look so cute in them! Can't wait to see all of you.

Love, Auntie Alona

Sue said...

Oh my! All three boys will probably start walking at the same time--Maybe either at Mama Sue's or Mama Elda's.Loved the videos and really enjoyed listening to Elda. Can't hardly wait till we see all of you here in CA. Love the boys soooo much, and they are too adorable for words--Mama Sue

Juliarls said...

Hi Janet:
OK, this is random, but bear with me, a stranger leaving a comment on your blog! I hope it doesn't creep you out. I'm a former Associated Press reporter, now a freelance writer here in Portland, ever since my twins (now nearly 3 years old were born). I do a lot of work for Metro Parent, the local parenting magazine, and they've just assigned me a story about prenatal care options, including a section on high risk pregnancies. I was trying to figure out who to talk to for the story, and remembered reading about your beautiful kiddos back in the Oregonian when they were born. I did a Google search, found your blog, and thought I'd get in touch to see if you'd be willing to be interviewed about your prenatal care experience and decisions. If you'd consider it, that would be wonderful _ you can email me directly at Even if not, congratulations on your beautiful family. Even with twins, we just attempted our first camping trip last month, so I'm enormously impressed that you pulled it off so early on.

All the best,

Julia Silverman

Angela said...

I need to see you guys! Can you make it for a visit? Or we can meet you! LMK, soon! They are getting so big and I have to see them,k?