Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Call Their Agent

I submitted a couple of pictures of the boys to a reputable talent agency that only represents children. Literally within an hour I had a reply email saying they'd love to meet with us. I found out later that this was the fastest submission they had ever replied back to. The funny thing is that they won't really be marketed as triplets but instead as individuals, so I guess they are really cute on their own! Of course the triplet effect magnifies their cuteness (ok enough bragging but I am their mom after all).

We are not letting our heads get to big though, this isn't L.A. or New York. We are small fish in a small pond and unless they can score a nationally aired commercial they won't be making big bucks. I'm hoping to put all the money they make into savings accounts that I'll open for each boy.

They got their first break already. Fred Meyer does this baby toddler sale every year and they put out a big advertisement for it. They wanted any two of the boys for one outfit for this difficult pose (spelling?). The pose they wanted was baby in a crawling position looking back and smiling. The purpose was to not only showcase a cute smiling baby but also to showcase the little teddy bear on the baby's butt. We started with Caleb and they did like 40 takes, and couldn't get it, he was too quick on his toes. He'd look back and immediately go to the sitting position. The best they got was Caleb doing the correct pose only he had his mouth open as if he was yelling but not smiling as they wanted. Eli was getting tired at the moment so I thought he wouldn't be as quick as Caleb. They got the right pose only he had a serious face, I should have known this would happen, he was tired! I curse myself for not trying Mr. Confidence himself, Thomas I think would have nailed the pose, oh well, mom was just not on top of her game that day. The pictures will go into review and if they don't accept any of the 'almost' posses then they'll get another kid to try it. We won't know if they'll be in the advertisement until it comes out (not for a few months). I'm not so heart broken since they still got paid : )

You can check their little profiles at the agency website: Puddletown TalentLink


Jessica said...

My hair stylist's daughter got her little girl into some photo shoots in SF. She is so adorable and happy, they just love working with her.

She showed up for a shoot for Leap Frog, but all the boys were being crabby. So they dressed her up as a boy, and she ended up on the front of Leap Frog boxes!

Maybe you can start calling them Callie, Ellie and Thomasina, and get twice the work.

Myra 米兰 said...

That's so neat! :)

nan cee said...

And you have every right to be a proud parent! Your boys are super cute, of course, being their great-aunt my vote probably doesn't count!

Jonalyn said...

Of course they're each cute on their own! And super-cute together. :)