Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Sun Hath Cometh!

The sun is shining on us all this week and it's well deserved after the last three weeks we've had. So to celebrate the hottest day of the year so far we went to the zoo! This was actually the very first time I've taken the boys to the zoo by myself. Its not that I didn't think I could handle the boys at the zoo by myself but it's a LOT of walking and it can really tire a girl out (I guess you can call me lazy). I was surprised that the boys never really rode in the wagon so I think pretty soon we'll be done with it for good. Now if only I could figure out where to put all our crap! Maybe make them carry backpacks? Will they actually carry them all around the zoo? Decisions, decisions...

So at one point we were eating lunch on the lawn and I started wondering why I felt so tired since we had just gotten there. Then I realized it was all the sun and I was hot! I should mention it was only 73F, so I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, HA!
The boys thought this fire hydrant was the coolest thing ever,
so yes, you can call them OBSESSED with all things firefighting!
Come on Caleb lets go run!
What do you think Thomas?
Running free!
Eli looking so handsome : )
Their favorite thing at the zoo is the jeep you can climb on
They did this for about a half hour
Not much cooperation for a group picture
Water break!
The boys really liked the crocodile exhibit,
they said it was "muy cary" (very scary)

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nan cee said...

I always appreciate your updates! Someday I hope to meet the boys in person. Looks like it was a lovely day to visit the zoo and all had a good time!
Love you all,