Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Break In the Rain!

The pacific northwest is taking it's vengeance this spring for giving us such a dry winter! Somehow we always end up with the same amount of rain here so we've pretty much been having non stop rain for a few weeks now. The word "drought" doesn't exist here and that's good because I like taking long showers and letting the water run while I brush my teeth, ha! All is still good though, I love living in Portland so much that I'll gladly put up with it : ) Anyways, so today we took advantage of the dry weather to meet up with some friends and go outside and run!

Your favorite superheros!
Thomas (superman), Caleb (spiderman), and Eli (batman)

The boys apparently don't know how to take pictures with anyone other than eachother
There, that's a little better : )
The other day at hospitality after the meeting
Instead of growth spurts my children go through drawing spurts. There are short periods of time where they are really into drawing followed by longer periods were they aren't that into it (funny because Phil still has these, see Trout Illustrated). But each time they get a little better (this is not his best piece, they erase them fast to start the next drawing and I'm too slow with the camera) case you are wondering this train is transporting sand : )


Jonalyn said...

That is so funny. "Wait, there's four of us, how do we do this?"

Phil said...

They look like street thugs in the first photo but yet they are holding dandylions and have drawn a peace sign in the corner.