Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Making Friends

 The boys are quite the party these days. They play constantly and are always having fun together (much to my dismay during times when we need to be serious). I love that they are best friends (most of the time) but what I love the most is how welcoming they are of others that want to play with them. They don't really try to make friends (I guess why do they need to if they have each other, right?). But if anyone try's to make friends with them, they waste no time with shyness or semantics and quickly include them in what ever silly games they are playing : )
This little boy made friends with the boys.
They had a good time play fighting with sticks and chasing each other around : )
What's going on here Thomas?
Caleb was cold so I lent him my hoodie : ) Most of my great beach pictures were lost when my hard drive broke. I only took a couple with my phone : (
Phil works downtown and rides his bike rain or shine in 13min flat door to door, which allows us to be a one car family (actually it's pretty awesome, less maintenance/gas/insurance). And not to brag or anything but we live in a PERFECT location because we can walk to everything (restaurants, grocery stores, parks, the car mechanic, etc) if need be. As you may have heard our car broke down the other day which wouldn't have been a big deal normally, only this time we were right in the middle of a two week swim lesson session. The pool is just outside of walking range (for the boys that is or for me pulling them in a wagon) SOOO we took the bus to swim lessons for a whole week, not fun for me but the boys thought is was ah-mazing since it was their first time on a bus.
Waiting patiently for the bus!
They were loving it!
Caleb looking so tiny among the tall tree's!
Fountain time!
The boys nursery school had "family day" with face painting included.
We have one more day left here and then we are off to bigger and better things!

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