Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oh Crap! moment #75 & 76

It looks like I'm not going to be catching up on my blogging anytime soon...

Oh Crap! moment #75

My mom had just arrived the day before we were set to leave for our California trip. Phil and I had to go do some things so we left the boys at home with my mom. The boys had been looking forward to seeing their mama Elda for quite some time that they were beyond excited that she was finally here. I guess you can say they went a little crazy with excitement! They were a bit out of control and among the things they did in those few hours was dump water all over the floor, pee in the kitchen, and that was the least of it. Well at some point my mom decided to play a movie in hopes that they'd calm down. It seemed to work so she went into the kitchen to fix herself something to eat when she heard Thomas crying "airplane movie, airplane movie!" When she checked in on them she found the tv screen broken and several potatos on the ground. She asked who broke the tv and both Eli and Thomas said it was Caleb. My mom asked Caleb if he broke the tv and all he did was grin mischeviously! 
    The tv appears fine when its off.

   You can see the potato point of impact when its on.

Oh Crap! moment #76

Since the occurence of moment #75 the boys screen time was way down both out of punishment and out of inconvenience. Only during times of desparation would we play some netflix on the computer for them. Less than a week ago we had set up the computer so that they could watch it and we could get some things done. At one point the boys started playing and getting excited and what do you know happened? Eli runs by the computer and runs into the cord so that the computer goes flying. So now the computer looks perfectly normal turned off but won't turn back on (at least not the way you'd want it to). 

We took the computer into a local repair shop and they told us the hard drive is pretty badly broken. $300 to retrieve the files and $260 to replace the hard drive! Every other month or so I back up my pictures so it looks like I've lost all my pictures from our California vacation, our camping trip, and all the great pictures from the beach that I hadn't yet posted about. Losing a month and a half of pictures doesn't sound that bad but I know it will eat at me for many years to come (it's my inner ocd). Another thing that really bugs me is that I've lost dozens of recipes that I had scanned into my computer (because who wants to deal with a bunch of unorganized papers), I literally spent hours doing this! Why I never backed this up, I will never know! Not to mention all the other random files of mild imprtance. Still I cannot justify $300 to recover those lost files because I'm still without a computer! What to do, replace the hard drive or get a new computer for not much more? I've lost sleep over this question, ahhhhhh!

The computer is just one of many things that have recently broken down. Its like we're in this loop of EVERYTHING breaking down on us that we are afraid to think that this is the end of all this madness and that nothing else will break. 

-First Caleb breaks our tv. $350

-Then our plumbing sprung a leak and we have to pull out the tub and vanity out to fix it so at that point we just decided to remodel the bathroom since our bathroom has always sucked. We will do most of the work ourselves but paying for the plumber and materials will be a pretty penny as you can imagine. $$$

-Next, our dryer breaks down, new dryer $550.

-After the dryer, our car breaks down $450.

-Finally to top it off, Eli breaks the computer! $260 min to fix, or $550 for a new one.

-What next???

At this point the boys are watching ZERO anything I dont care if the drive me crazy but we will not be replacing the tv for a very very long time! 

At least we have our health, ha!

So anyways, I can still blog on my ipad (thank goodness for my ipad!!! it is not going anywhere near my children). It is a bit cumbersome to do so and I can only post pics that I've taken from my crappy phone camera (and I'm almost out of space). So don't expect my posts to be too colorful or frequent for the time being.



Jessica said...

I used to nanny for a family that bought a huge tv back when no one had them. Mega $$$.Their little boy went up to the brand new tv screen and for some reason just started chewing on it like a corn cob. We stared at the bite marks for years in that screen! But your spud missile did way more damage than the gnawing!

Spring said...

I so feel your pain! Our boys broke our tv back around Christmas time, what better timing right?! :( they have also broke my laptop but just the power something or other. Still it's $$ to fix & eventually I will but not at the moment. We also lost our washing machine about the same time & we are in the midst of having a house built so no extra $$ anywhere.
They grow out of this destructive phase eventually... Right?!?

Spring said...

Oh, there is a pretty inexpensive sd card thingy you can get for your iPad so you can upload photos from your camera :)

Mike Cave said...

LOL! Cracked me up! I can see this kind of stuff happening after our triplets arrive. I have a lot of electronics. I guess I shouldn't be attached to them. A potato? Really? LOL!!!

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Spring, I'm relieved it's not just my boys!

Spring said...

Janet, the day you posted this our boys took out TV #2. We are getting ready to move so we've decided to wait on replacing it until we have 'our own' space to put it. I'm not putting another TV where they have access to it until they learn not to throw things in fits of rage. We have Nabi's for them so if I need them to be distracted I can pull them out & thy have Netflix on them for videos. We can't afford to keep replacing televisions nor do I want to.

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Oh my goodness, tv#2! What rascals!