Friday, September 12, 2014

4 Year Pics! (A Bit Early)

A local professional photographer put out a model call for identical twins which a friend forwarded to me (thank you Lindsey!). I responded to it and she was more than happy to be able to add identical triplets to her portfolio! She normally charges about $300 for a session like this so we're very grateful for the opportunity. If any local friends are in need of a photographer I highly recommend her as you can see for yourself how great these pictures came out!

Here is her link: Amber K Wilson Photography

As you all know we like to do pictures every year and since these were actually taken back in late July we'll just fudge and say these are the boys 4 year pictures (they really don't look much different, ha!). I've had these pics a while and I was hording them so we could get around to doing family pictures to include in this blog post.

She posted these pictures (including a couple I didn't post here) on her own blog as well and the link is here in case you are interested: P Triplets

The best is not last, it's first!
Caleb, Eli and Thomas in birth order of course : )
Eli showing off his pearly whites
Eli full of sweetness
Thomas showing off his charming good looks
Caleb was the only one that agreed to pose with his hands in his pockets
Caleb as handsome as ever with his perfectly round head
(we don't call him our round headed wonder for nothing!)
Love this one, it'll have to go up on a wall soon!
Thomas striking a pose!
Just Phil and I, how boring!
This picture and the next were taken a week ago by a friend with our camera,
not too shabby I think, ha!
Our family picture!
Can't say it's the best but getting these boys to all look at the camera and look happy is a feat that may just have to be left to the professionals, haha!


Spring said...

Awesome photos!!!

Aracely said...

Que guapos!! yikes 4 years! they are big boys now. LOVE!