Monday, September 22, 2014

Honeycrisp Season!

Regretfully we missed blueberry picking this summer (we were in Cali) and then time got away from me and we also missed peach picking season. But I am so glad we didn't miss picking honeycrisp apples, they are soooo delicious!!! I'm also glad I didn't go over board like last time and buy 20 lbs, just 7 lbs to keep us munching all week long : )

Thomas didn't waste time and found himself a little treat
Phil was away on a backpacking trip so a friend and her daughter came with us
Love Eli's expression here (far right)
Another cute one from Eli (middle)
This is what happens when I yell "everybody hug!"
"This land is great!"
Eli and I
This would have been great if I had taken off my glasses, doh!
Close but no cigar!
The boys with our little friend following behind : )

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