Monday, February 16, 2015

Monster Jam 2015

Phil thought it would be fun to surprise the boys by taking them to a monster truck rally, since you know they are kind of obsessed with all things vehicles. We bought the tickets a week before and told the boys they'd be getting a big surprise in a few days. The morning of the big day Phil watched some monster truck videos on YouTube with the boys to get them "pumped up" but without letting on that it had anything to do with the surprise. It did just the trick because the boys wanted to take their monster trucks with them to the surprise.
We had a few minutes to kill before catching light rail to the arena
Show me your monster trucks!
CET, Caleb's face cracks me up, haha!
For a little while the boys thought that riding the train was the surprise
Of course they are expressionless when the monster trucks finally come out!
The boys seemed to like the show a lot only it may have been a bit too long for them. I wasn't expecting it to be as long as it was either, it lasted just over 2 hours. I'm glad it was as long as it was because it was a pricey event but we felt like we got our money's worth : )
Caleb being silly
We finished off the day at our favorite kid friendly brewery.
In normal fashion, Caleb and Thomas ate the most and Eli ate the least : )

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