Monday, February 9, 2015

Taming The Beast

You may have seen this on instagram but I added a slow motion feature that makes this even
more hilarious!

When taming the beast goes wrong....(Disclaimer: no Eli's were hurt in the making of this video, he just got a good scare, ha!

The boys were doing so well petting our crazy cat. I was surprised she had tolerated it for so long but I guess Eli got too comfortable with her. And for the record she just batted his hand, she didn't use her claws thank goodness!

sleepy boys
Look at these ragamuffins! Time for haircuts!
Even papi got one too!
(Caleb on the far right, cracks me up with his serious expression!)
Caleb, not so thrilled with his new haircut
The boys were singing "cheesey cheesey!" and dancing

1 comment:

nan cee said...

The Taming of the Beast is too funny! Looks more like the Taming of Eli! Glad the cat didn't use claws or teeth.
Cute video.
Love to you all,