Friday, September 4, 2015

Farewell Toot Toot

Flashback to 2010!
We are forever grateful to our friend Martha G who gave us the van that we brought our babies home in! It served us well for 5 years and helped us save up for our next car.
The boys and I called it our "toot toot."
We'll continue as a one car family so we'll have to bid farewell to it pretty soon.
Our new (to us) Sienna!
It was time for a new car because the 190K miles on our 1999 Quest was making us nervous even though it's been a pretty reliable car. Phil and I started our car search and were looking into buying a 2007-09 Sienna (because you just can't go wrong with Toyota!). After almost two months of stalking Craigslist we stumbled on a killer deal for this 2011 Sienna (clean title and all!). It was such a good deal that it justified spending a bit more than we wanted because it was so much newer and had fewer miles than we had expected to buy! It's crazy to believe that after being married for 11 years this is actually the first car Phil and I have ever bought together. Before our last van we had a Corolla that my parents gave me my sophomore year in college. Being that we are both so cheap frugal we always hated the thought of wasting spending too much money on a car, so we bought a house instead, ha! Anyways we are so happy with our purchase especially because its an 8 seater van so now we have room for three extra friends/family. Can't wait for our next visitors!

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nan cee said...

Congratulations and I commend you for being such GREAT shoppers! Sounds like you got a really good deal and like you said, can't hardly go wrong with a Toyota! You can call this van Toot-Toot 2 :)
Love you all,