Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I'm a day late, the boys turned 5 yesterday, oh boy that happened fast! When they were first born I hardly thought past 5 month because it was so hard but here we are 5 years later, crazy!
CET 60 months old!
They dwarf their premie onesies, oh my they were so tiny!
Mama Elda (and Tia Aracely too) is in town so not much time to update the blog!
The boys went in for their 5 year check up today. We are trying out a new doc that's just a few blocks from our house. It was pretty cool riding our bike to our check up! Everyone is super healthy as they always have been. Here are their stats and the crazy thing is they all weighed in at exactly the same weight! 

40.16 inches (9th% for height, short but healthy!)
33lbs 13oz (BMI 25%, so pretty slim dudes!)

39.37 inches (5th% for height)
33lbs 13oz (BMI 25%)

39.76 inches (7th % for height)
33lbs 13oz (BMI 25%)

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nan cee said...

Love the picture with the onesies on their shirts! As active as they are it doesn't surprise me that they are slim. Good to hear they are all healthy!
Love to you all,