Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Arboretum (D Town P2)

While in Davis we went to the arboretum (which is on the UCD campus) on two separate occasions. Once to do a little photo shoot but we got there kind of late so the pictures came out a little dark. Then a second time to meet the boys Tia Janet for a bike ride. It's such a pretty place and it was one of the things that hooked me and made me want to go to school there.
I've never cared for the eggheads but I must say,
after all these years they are starting to grow on me, ha!
They've finally discovered rolling down hills!
I tried getting them to do it many times before but they never wanted to, silly boys!
Feeding the egg head
Cousin Karina took this one
Eli (blue) looks so cute in this one : )
silly guys
Riding down hill
I love that Caleb decided to pinch Thomas' cheek : )
The crew minus myself

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