Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Parenting Video

The parenting video that the boys were in came out a month ago but of course I'm just now getting it on the blog. The boys part makes up one chapter of about a dozen or so chapters (I can't figure out what else to call them). Their chapter is about 5 minutes long but I edited it down to just the scenes that the boys are in (what I call the "good parts," ha!). This video is being shown to parents who have children in Head Start preschools who are Spanish speaking. The producers of the video really loved working with the boys. They said they were so easy to work with considering their age and they followed direction really well! My favorite scene is where "Esteban" is being yelled at and Eli does the best sad face ever. Seriously it's an Oscar worthy performance!

Some pics from filming
It's hard to believe that we were there for a day and a half to film (mostly on standby while they set up the scenes) and it only added up to 2.5 minutes of footage that was used. 


MCox said...

Wow, that's really neat. Did the boys share the role? What excellent Spanish they have!

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Thanks! Yes they all took turns playing the son. When dad saw the film he asked "did they think the boys all looked enough alike to play the same boy?" Haha! We can easily tell who is who in each scene but I'm guessing no one else can : )