Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Crowd Snob

I've become a "crowd snob" in that I hate going to any place that's crowded. Becoming a stay at home mom has made me this way. Whether it's the grocery store, mall, museum, zoo or otherwise, I'll only go if I know it won't be crowded. So because of this its been forever since we've gone out and done something fun during the week. On days we don't have pre-school we do our home school activities, which usually only leaves us a little time to maybe run around at the park if it's not raining. That leaves us with holidays to do fun things and we all know how museums get when school isn't in session, CROWED! This week the stars all aligned and we were able to go to the science museum here in Portland (OMSI). We had a fun time and even dad was able to come have lunch with us since he works close by. I love watching my kids play, it's so relaxing. I will miss this.

This all makes me realize how close we are to the next chapter in our lives. Our baby years, where I get to stay home with my boys, will be over when they start kindergarten in the fall. I may end up going back to work if I can find something in my field part time. The thing I get most nervous about is having to deal with crowds again (I know call me crazy!). But sheesh have you gone to Costco or Ikea on the weekends lately, it's a mad house! Also I keep thinking about the crowded bus full of commuters on my way to and from work. I've become so used to ample aisles where I don't have to say excuse me a thousand times to get through. Having museum exhibits all to ourselves. Finding an employee quickly to ask them a question. Gosh I really have become such a crowd snob I don't know how I'll ever re-assimilate back into normal society!

They made a tower.
They were very proud of their tower and they insisted I take a picture of just the tower by itself (which I later deleted, ha!).
Eli looking a little beat up after his brother stepped on his eye a couple days ago : (
Action shot!
Silly guys : )
My city boys take 1.
My city boys take 2.


nan cee said...

You aren't alone in being a crowd snob. I have been that way for years. The boys did a nice job on the tower and they all look very proud of the job they did!
Love you all,

Aracely said...

aww my boys! sweet! Que grandes se estan poniendo! I usually am not a fan of crowds too...i try to avoid them like the plague, i feel ya. Bet it will be hard to let go of the baby/toddler days. Cant believe they will be six this year and going to kindergarten already! Love you guys!