Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Preschool Quotes

You may have to zoom in or click on this photo to see it better but I just thought these quotes were too cute. Can you find my three?
Well that's a strange place to have a snack?
His brothers quickly joined him, ha!
On a hike the other day we ran into this tree.
Doesn't it look like an elephant : )


nan cee said...

I found your three and very much liked what they said! That tree does look like an elephant and the window is not a strange place to sit and eat a snack. Every time we eat out A.Lois always insist eating by a window. Of course we sit on a bench, not the window sill!
My love to you all,

Aracely said...

oh my goodness! so cute! love eli's he will share a quarter with you. haha..so cute!

Jonalyn said...

What sweet things the kids said!