Friday, November 11, 2016


Long story short, a couple weekends ago we were going to meet a friend at a pumpkin patch. On the way there after much much traffic we had to turn around half way there because a bridge was closed down from an accident. Eventually we ended up at this park in Portland that we'd never been to before. Our intention that day was to take family pictures but the boys were so fed up from being in the car so long that they cooperated for roughly 8 minutes and so we didn't get to the family pics : ( 

We also only got around to taking solo pics of Caleb,
but they couldn't have come out any cuter!

Gah! This park was soooo awesome!

As of the last few weeks the boys have become totally obsessed with sports (this is coming from little to zero interest in them). They are especially fond of basketball : )
It's quite perplexing but at least they'll always have someone to play with!


nan cee said...

Looks like a great park with all those gorgeous leaves. Awesome! You may not have gotten family pics but the ones of boys are sure cute!
Love to all of you,

Aracely said...

hermosos! Wow cant get over how picturesque that place is! so beautiful!