Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Triplet Triple Bunk Beds!

Phil's latest wooden master piece!
Designed and built by papi : )
Rendering of the design.
 The boys room is so small I can't get a good over all picture of it so this will have to do!
Eli quickly filled in his little IKEA pocket caddy : )
what you see when you enter their bedroom
We now have plenty of space here on the floor to play with the basket full of Legos. Our new rule is that the Legos must stay in their room but Lego creations can come out if they wish. I can't tell you how much cleaner the house stays because of this! (BTW this IKEA dresser is great and would recommend it to any family with triplets. Big spacious drawers and very sturdy. All wood, even the hardware. The boys broke their last dresser because it had cheap metal hardware.)
The door is to the right.
Had to rearrange a lot of their wall decor. 
view from the bottom bunk
view from the top bunk!
Just hanging out!
Our 'get ready for school' station
Each weekend we pick out our clothes for the whole school week. Makes for a quick morning! Top Drawer is Monday, next is Tuesday, etc...last drawer is shoes! We can easily store both sets of shoes that each boy has. Filing cabinets are from IKEA : )
Tried to get a picture before crazy hair day... can kinda see their hair better here
Phil took some time off of work and was able to design and build the boys triple bunk beds! They save us so much more space then their last set up. The boys have been spending a lot more time in their rooms which is nice and it keeps the whole house so much cleaner. We talked to the boys before hand about who would get which bunk and after some discussion we settled on taking turns. However I had already bought the boys color specific sheets (yellow for T, blue for E and green for C) but I figured they probably wouldn't care. Well when we set up their beds I didn't think about it and just put the yellow sheets up top, blue in the middle and green at the bottom. The boys didn't even question it and went to their respective colors, ha! They are all happy were they are at but sometimes they'll spend the night in each others bunks, the last few nights Caleb has been sleeping with Thomas on the top bunk (he told me he had a bad dream). As far as I can tell this will be their beds, mattresses and sheets till they move out, money well spent! The beds should last no problem, the mattresses are under a 25 yr warranty from IKEA, and I bought quality high thread count sheets (consulted with someone about getting good sheets that will last till they are at least 18, ha!..FYI stay away from IKEA sheets they are the worst!).

In case you are wondering, we gave away their cool toddler beds to another set of BBB triplets that just turned two (to see them click here: Big Boy Beds!). So glad they will stay in the triplet circle : )


nan cee said...

WOW! What a great set of beds. I have never heard of a triple deck but sure is wonderful for triplets. I appreciate the rails, especially the top bunk! Phil, you are GOOD!
Love to you all,

First Time Father of Triplets said...

This turned out fantastic Janet! Phil is quite the handyman...

Did he design the bunk bed or are did you guys purchase plans off of the internet???


Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Paul, thanks! Phil designed it himself : )

Aracely said...

Great job Phil, those are very good looking bunk beds! I forget what did they sleep in before the Big Boy Beds were made? Crib(s)? The filing cabinets, what a great idea! I might try that when Natalie starts school and is a little older :) Love you all!