Monday, January 9, 2017

And The Survey Says...

The boys are at a really funny age where everything they say cracks me up. So when I saw this little survey floating around on social media I couldn't resist doing it with the boys.

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed!
I surveyed them all separately so one wouldn't influence the other.

1. What is something I say a lot? T: clean up,  E: ?, C: stop

2. What makes me happy? T: love, E: making us clean, C: stop (as in the act of stopping)

3. What makes me sad? T: hitting, E: Nene (our cat) to be dead, C: when nene is dead....yes all these things would make me sad : (

4. How tall am I? T: 30, E: 3 R2D2's tall, C: 35....I think Eli's answer was influenced by something Caleb said (see below). 

5. What is my fav thing to do? T: watching your fav tv show, E: stay home, C: Pet Nene...I do really like doing all these things : )

6. What is my fav food? T: cereal, E: pancakes, C: mami cereal (ie granola)...yeah, I don't think so!

7. What is my fav drink? T: beer, E: juice & wine, C: wine...yup!

8. If I could go anywhere, where would it be? T: the store, E: the store, C: the beach....I can't disagree with any of these unless store means grocery store (which is probably what they mean).

9. Do you think you could live without me? TEC: all said NO....awwww, the feeling is mutual!

10. What is my fav tv show? T: that show you always watch (30 rock), E: that show you always watch (30 rock), C: Liz Lemon (as in a character in 30 rock)...the boys nailed that one in the head!

11. What is my fav music? T: waka waka (as in this one song by Shakira), E/C: ?

12. What is my job? T: house, E:?, C: cleaning preschool (age 4) their teacher asked them the same thing and they answered "looking at the computer" which the teacher said is what most kids with stay at home moms say, hahaha! This is so true though, blogging, online banking, ordering stuff we need because I don't want to drag all 3 kids to the store to get, ha!

13. How old am I? T: 30, E: 34, C: 35...wish Caleb wasn't right, haha!

14. What is my favorite color? T: red, E: purple, C:'re all wrong!

Caleb lately has been really funny and a lot of what he talks about revolves around his reading buddy, the most influential person in his life right now (each kindergartener has an assigned kid who reads to them once a week). Hudson is a 5th grader that has really taken to the boys and will often play with them after school. Very seriously Caleb has said:

"My reading buddy is really good at climbing but he's not that great at reading." Hmmm, I did see him climb to the top of a basketball hoop, haha!

"My reading buddy is this tall (shows me with his hand), that's 3 R2D2's tall."

"My reading buddy is 20 years old and is in high school." He goes to the same school as the boys and is 11. 

Caleb is full of these great one-liners and I need to do a better job at writing them down, there are so many I have already forgotten about!

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nan cee said...

Kids will say the craziest things! Your three come up with some really good ones! Thanks for sharing!