Thursday, December 29, 2016

6 Yrs 3 Mo!

CET are 6 years and 3 months old!
A couple weeks ago we got some snow, which was fun even though it always shuts down the city. Then a week later it snowed again and again it shut down the city (Portland is ill equiped for the snow since it happens so infrequently). Now every time I see snow in the forecast I'm like NOOOOO! They've since been no show's but guess what's in the forecast for two day's before school is supposed to start? SNOW!
Hanging around town!
Some Stormtrooper marshmallows I made for a Star Wars themed party our friend threw.
They took me forever but at least they looked cool!
The cookies however, not so cool.
The problem started with not spacing them far apart enough while baking, ha!
Just a sweet little love note from Mr. T
Although you can't tell from the pictures, we've been sick the entire winter vacation! I keep thinking tomorrow is our turn around day and then we relapse into continued sickness, ugh! We may just have to go to the doctor soon : (

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nan cee said...

Interesting goodies for the party! Sorry but from the pictures none of the boys look sick, but than who am I to judge. Hope you all feel better real soon.