Monday, July 31, 2017

6 Yrs 10 Mo!

CET are 2 months shy of SEVEN, eeeek!
Taken a tad early since they were in CA without me on their mirthday. 
We have had a busy busy summer so far! I cannot even believe school starts in less than 1 month, ugh! I refuse to think about it and I'm ignoring all the back to school propaganda (geez can't they at least wait till August before they bombard you with that stuff!).

The boys have kept busy at summer camp while I'm at work. Since camp keeps them two hours longer than the school does I've been working a lot more. The boys love day camp and scoff at me when I sometimes pick them up early, ha! While I've also been loving the warm summer weather this schedule is wearing me out. I've been averaging 35hrs a week (I was trying to shoot for 40) and I just cannot fathom ever doing a full 40 hrs unless I hired a maid AND a cook! I'll be sad when summer is over but glad to get back to a more manageable routine : )

So my mom came a couple weeks ago to visit with the kids for a week. At the weeks end we drove my mom and the boys to California to spend a whole 10 days there with out us! We leave for CA in a few days but man have we been living it up without the kids, muuhahaha! It has been so nice to see the house stay clean so effortlessly. We've been eating out a ton too, it's sooo much cheaper when you aren't feeding 5, ha! Plus we can go to kid unfriendly places too, heehee. We do miss the boys a lot so we can't wait to see them soon. They seem to be having the time of their lives too. They are getting so much mama Elda time whom they adore. We've video chatted with them a couple times and I ask them if they want me to pick them up already. They immediately answer with a "NO!" Next summer we may have to bump it up to two weeks, hahaha : )

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nan cee said...

It is hard to grasp the idea that in 2-months the boys will be 7! Time goes by so fast, I have no idea where the first half of 2017 went.