Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wisdom From Caleb

We like to tell Caleb that he has 'long beautiful hair.'
As he napped on the couch Papi could not resist running his fingers through those long locks : )
Caleb is quite the character. His brain is full of interesting notions and funny one liners. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff but it keeps Phil and I laughing! Wish I could remember them all but here's a few that I've written down : )

Words of Wisdom by Caleb

-"I like triplets better than twins because they are more."

-"I like little puppies because they don't chase kitties."

-"There is a store that everything costs 5 dollars. And there is a store that everything costs 2 dollars. People like it better than the 5 dollar store because 2 dollars is not too cheap and not too spensive."

-Points to cemetery and says "that's where the dead mans are." A few seconds later, " dead mans have broken hearts."

-When asked if he would like a little sister. "No because sisters are just girl-brothers."

-"Someone thought I was in high school. For reals, they did."

-"I can carry Kirk, really I can." Kirk just happens to be a 6 foot tall 13 year old.

-"My earwax is black because it's Chinese earwax."

-"I only watch cute kitty and dancy dance videos."

-See's a graphic somewhere,"It's a skeleton guy looking so cool."

Without his knowledge I recorded Caleb deep in conversation with me. He's cute to watch and listen to. I think he has the most subtle of lisps which makes his babble even cuter. Here he shares some wisdom about bees, black widow's and blue widows : )

The other two boys have had their moments and have said pretty cute things too:

Eli: On the reason why school was cancelled during the snow storm. "There is no school because how would you go pee with all your snow clothes on!"

Thomas: During my first week of work Thomas must have overheard me telling Phil that I was so busy that I hadn't gotten to eat my lunch two days in a row (not too big of a deal since I only work part time). The next morning Thomas tells me, "Don't forget to eat your lunch mami!" How sweet that he'd think to remind me! Well what's even sweeter is that he even remembered to ask me if I had eaten my lunch after I picked them up from school. I told him I did because of his reminders : )

Eli: We went out to eat at a restaurant and Eli ordered a corn dog and fries. We were half way through our meal when Eli turns to me and says, "Mami I want you to tell this for me because I will be too scared to do it. Tell the lady that brought us our food that Eli really liked the corn dog and it was sooo good!" So when the waitress came back I told her, "my son Eli wanted me to tell you that he really really liked the corn dog, so compliments to the chef." The waitress laughed and said she'd pass it on to the chef. What a silly boy but very thoughtful : )

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