Sunday, July 29, 2018

7Yr 10Mo! & More Stitches

CET are 7 years and 10 months old!
Our CA adventure started in Oceanside CA where we rented a
house that was walking distance to the beach!
A full day at the beach proved to be relaxing and fun! They were getting an unlikely current from Mexico which made the water unusually warm. It was wonderful not to come out of the water shivering as we normally would, ha!
On another day we tackled Legoland!
We also discovered the boys love of roller coasters, uh oh! If you know me you also know that I despise those contraptions. They certainly didn't inherit this from me, ha!
Made a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico!
The kidos in Mexico : )
We met up with my cousin who has a business in TJ and he took us to a local seafood restaurant. Our group of 10 ate like kings with drinks and all. The bill came out to a measily $66!!! If you wanted to eat like that in the states you'd have to add another zero to the end of that amount. I'll be dreaming of those shrimp tacos and octopus cocktail for years!
We only spent one day in Davis on the way home but of course
we had to see mama Sue and papa Ed : )
One last treat before we went home was stopping at Wildlife Safari in Oregon.
Lots of interesting creatures, and many that I'd never seen before or knew that existed. It's really neat, feels like you are driving through Jurassic Park only it's animals that still exist, ha! If anyone is traveling along I-5 through Oregon I totally recommend this place. Affordable family fun is what I'm talking about (she says after footing the bill for Legoland, at least it wasn't Disneyland prices haha!).
I'll explain Caleb's chin down below, ha!
Oh Caleb not again! Remember last summer around this exact same time he cut the back of his head being a wild monkey at mom's that resulted in 3 staples.
This boy is going to be the death of me!
On our way home, we stopped just South of Roseburg (about 3.5 hrs from Portland) so that we could camp for the night. We were surprising the boys the next day with the Wildlife Sarafi park. We were 5 minutes into unloading the car when Caleb goes down this steep hill with his scooter. Well he claims he forgot how to brake because he got going too fast and lost control. He got the wind knocked out of him and he must have hit a sharp rock because there was a huge gaping hole in his chin! Which oddly enough took a long time before it started bleeding, super creepy! I instantly knew we had to leave for the closest urgent care. We packed up the car and drove 30 minutes to the Roseburg urgent care. The boy got 8 stitches! Caleb was as cool as a cucumber the whole time and that really impressed the doc. Five days later (lower left pic) he went in to get his stitches out. And two weeks later (lower right pic) is how it looks like now. It's amazing how fast it has healed. I'm doing all I can to avoid a noticeable scar. We kept it completely covered with Neosporin for the first 10 days, keeping it moist while it heals is very important. The docs both advised to always have sunscreen on if he's outside and to rub vitamin E on it once it has completely healed. It looks as if Caleb has taken over Thomas' clumsy title, only Thomas has never hurt himself this bad, not to mention twice! : (

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nan cee said...

Thomas may have the same scar that I have from falling on the side walk and busting my chin open and had to go for stitches. We can all be proud of him for being brave getting the stitches.