Thursday, August 30, 2018

Funny at 7Yr 11Mo!

CET are 7 years and 11 months old! 
(picture taken on the first day of 2nd grade)
Over the past few months I've been writing down the funny things the boys say. These silly phrases remind me how little they still are!

"They were selling free home cookies."
"Day time is the same as night time except its dark."
"They made a squirrel store with a much of acorns and them chugged it up." Then Eli corrects him "You mean them chugged it down."
"Are bigfoots a little creepy papi?"

"I wish Neyney (our cat) was a real girl. Then I would hug her every day. She would be so soft like bigfoot."
"I don't know why cavemans are so strong."
"I feel like its 8 in the afternoon."
Talking about Star Wars: "Then they figured-out-ed (one word) it."
"Who is the dice president?"
When talking about being cold in the morning: "I get frostbites." 
"I was brooming." He meant sweeping.

After showing me his book he wrote about snakes, "I can be a basketball player and an author."
"There's like 3 beaches on every island."
"The big boat crash." This phrase is used as a noun and not a description. A term they coined when they were little and still use it all the time even though they know that it's actually called the Titanic!

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