Saturday, December 1, 2018

Little Achievements (8yr 2mo!)

CET are 8 years and 2 months old!
A while back Thomas and Eli told me that they had ran the mile at school. They boasted 6th place and 10th place then 1st place and 2nd place, blah blah blah. "Tall tales" I thought to myself as I feigned excitement. I knew they were fast runners but how fast could they be compared to other kids that tower over them. Well the other day as I walked through their school hall way I ran into a big collage made of pictures of kids running and huffing and puffing in the school field. In the middle of the collage was a list of the top 25 fastest kids in the school. Wait what?! Out of the whole school, they weren't lying! (See next pic below) And I should mention they are among the shortest kids in the second grade. Little but mighty they are!

The second little achievement award goes to Caleb! A couple of weeks ago I had a parent teacher conference to get an update on how the boys are doing in school. They are good students, obedient, could use a bit more work on their reading speed, yada yada yada. Then the teacher hands me a TAG nomination for Caleb. Wait, what? Caleb? He's the least I'd expect to get a nomination. I had to ask the teacher what they heck that even meant. Talented and gifted (TAG). You know I love my children and definitely think they are very smart but gifted? Nah! It took some convincing and explanation. I guess they test them in 3 different areas to see where they are "gifted or talented." Caleb did not score high enough to be nominated under reading or math (I would have guessed math but no). The area that he tested exceptionally well in was in intellectual reasoning. Again, I was like "what the heck does that mean?" Turns out intellectually gifted is defined as a student who exhibits the ability to reason and use information in unusual ways. And the way they test for this is with puzzles and images followed by questions about what they see. Hmmm, interesting...Caleb definitely does think out side of the box and he's always saying the most off the wall stuff! As they say, it's an honor just to be nominated but I really don't see him passing the final evaluation where he'd have to be in the top 97th percentile to get into the program. 
Mile run times, those are some fast little legs!
Papi, Eli & Thomas
Back in mid October, headed to the beach!
Great beach day!
Exploring a different beach the next day.
Taking a corn dog ride, ha!
Thomas looking so hipster : )
Happiness : )
Getting cozy with their fuzzy kitty bean bags.
Silly boys
Eli's rendition of our family.
Love the building and kitty he drew on our clothes, he knows what we like!
Thomas' rendition of our family.
Love that Phil is the lightest, I'm the darkest and he's mid way, haha!
Caleb's, the only one who drew us all, even the kitties!
Not sure what that says about Eli and Thomas, ha!

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nan cee said...

You have every right to feel proud of their achievements! Love the drawings!