Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Winter Vacay! (8yr 3mo)

CET are 8yrs and 3mo!
Winter break has been a blast! The first week mama Elda rolled into town and she had fun all week long with the boys. She made lots of delicious foods as usual and I'm pretty sure the boys gained more than the ordinary amount of weight, ha! Next time I need to weigh the boys before and after my mom comes to visit to prove it, haha! The rest of winter break I took off from work. It was nice that the boys didn't have to go to a single day of day camp (and even better we didn't have to pay for it!). The boys and I had fun going to see movies, baking and decorating cookies, and playing board games. We stayed warm and cozy indoors and it was very relaxing. Phil had some extra days off so we took advantage and went sledding for the first time since they were 4 years old. If you remember the last time Thomas got a concussion from a bad sledding fall so we were all a little traumatized and hadn't wanted to go back. No injuries this time just lots of fun was had. Now I'm not ready to go back to work nor are the boys ready to go back to school but I guess we must!

At Bollywood Theater with mama Elda, its a super yummy Indian restaurant.
Having fun with out me!
They have a need for speed and I do not so I had fun being the photographer : )
Just a couple of kitty wearing fools : )

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